Pattaya Walking Street – March 2018

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Pattaya Walking Street – March 2018
Shots from around Pattaya Walking Street during early March 2018. In this video I mainly filmed the gogo dancers and disco freelancers outside clubs including iBar, Lucifer’s and Cocoon.
I also went inside the Pattaya nightclub Cocoon to check it out and give a brief review. And there are also some shots outside an Indian Pattaya nightclub of some nightclub freelancers.

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uttam das says:

12:32 makes me sad and cry .

P Hern says:

The best Magic is a thai girls tongue ! So magic ! I keep going back just for that 😃

CocoonTrance says:

Next time come into Cocoon and have a beer or two with me. I'm the Boss.

[-_-;] says:

Try barfining a western woman and you'll be up for sexual assault and other shit

NO MORE lies says:

Most cannot sing or dance at all. Just get a short time.


Great video. You are really able to catch a lot of intense and emotional moments.

lionhiker says:

That ladyboy in blue must be world famous by now.

Rogue Male says:

Have to agree with other commenters here-great vid!
Looks like low season is approaching but,still have Songkran festival to go.Must remember to pack a raincoat.

Trey Indica says:

@ 3:47 the white dress chick.. Ladyboy or no ladyboy?

WhereMyShekelsAt ??? says:

lmao Is every single of these women a trap? for fuck sake. Who fucked this nation bad? Jewish cultural marxism?



hypnosiscenter nyc says:

Nicely done video

Bo Christiansen says:

Thailand red , no over , no under , superb shots 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Ravage Gonza says:

They don't look too happy…

Melonhead R says:

This must be a proper poor country for so many girls 2 be willing to sell them selfs.

Jon Rend says:

Great VId but looks way to commercial there.

Russell Payne says:

might help business if the girls didn't stand out front smoking..just stating the bleedin obvious.

Bill Mitchell says:

nice to see a vlogger like this who actually shows Black men and doesn't edit them out of all his videos like Bangkok112 loves to do. ive seen more in this video than the 3 years of Bangkok112's videos

Bob Sotelo says:

You’ve got good taste mate! Man,,,that skinny girl smoked the hell outa that fag!

Kevin Phan says:

a nice barfined right there 1:32. thks. keep it up

Hog Shark says:

Would've paid the bar fine and the first quote she gave in a heartbeat (The one on the Left) @ 17:50

Hog Shark says:

Damn I like the one on the right @ 16:48 , I didn't make Pattaya a travel destination last time I was in Thailand, but when the time is right for me to travel again then Pattaya will be the first and longest stay.

The Man says:

I'll take the thick legs girl @ 1:32 and the blonde @ 3:03 😈

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