Pattaya Walking Street – 2018

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Pattaya Walking Street – 2018

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A video of a Walking Street walkthrough at 11pm in Pattaya, Thailand. There are always bars changing and plenty of new clubs have been opening recently.

This was a walk in February around the Chinese New Year time, I went from the start of Walking Street to the relatively new Cocoon Nightclub.

Parts of this video include:

0:04 Start of Walking Street
0:42 The Stones House live rock bar
1:07 Red Car nightclub (Walking Street Club)
1:40 Taboo
2:17 Rock street Live music bar
2:45 Skyfall
4:10 Mandarin
5:10 Bliss
5:34 Blue Sky Station 15 music bar
6:15 Simon Beer bar complex 1
6:40 Marilyn Monroe new bar sitting in darkness
7:35 Fahrenheit bar with drinks promotions
8:55 The famous ‘bad guys go to Pattaya’ sign
9:21 Soi 15 alley
10:08 A Ladyboyz montage (WARNING!!! skip forward to 11:33 if you are adverse to this)
11:47 Iron Club promo ladies
13:00 Lucifer and Mizzik cafe
13:30 Palace
15:28 Pier Disco
16:00 Marine Disco
17:10 African freelancer bar
18:46 ibar and insomnia
19:49 Hot Tuna bar
20:55 Endorphin Persian Club
21:10 Simon Beer bar complex 2
22:35 Raas Indian Club
24:19 Cocoon Club my final destination
25:00 Outro

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Song: Ship Wrek, Zookeepers & Trauzers – Vessel [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.

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Thanks to everyone for watching the video and have a great day! 🙂

Moufid Abbas says:

I will be in pattaya in July

tunguigui says:

hi you should make more videos of ladyboys 😉

Rodney Jerry says:

Great job ! I like your blog & commentary. Thanks

Joe Momma says:

you need a 4K quality camera bro. 🙂

Smoogle s. says:

is it just me there seems to be an excessive amount of arabs there

Monster Glied says:

sieht ja echt noch wie vor 10 jahren aus

fen idris says:

Used to have a club called StarDice. Wonder if its still up.

fen idris says:

brings back memories. frequented there many times when in Thailand.

Maximius Broadhildt says:

Moulin Rouge dancer at 8:07 knows her stuff. 🙂

MikeBvB88 says:

2:35 Heja BvB


Wow I had been there last month and took walk along walking street. Really amazing place to enjoy night life…

Noor Imelda Elle says:

Before i begin i would like to apologise if there is any of u who feel offended or upset with my direct comment about this vlog on thai girls. I am very sorry if u guys are offended ok?. By the way youtube or any other social media sites is open to public so anybody can have their say as long as does not cause any harm to anyone in particular. The difference between me and other people i DARE to upload my face and my real name! I am not showing off that i am a BRAVE girl but at least u people know who i am. My very MAIN intention of voicing out my thoughts is i think is really about time that u people STOP thinking that all THAI girls are the same! Even though it seems that MAJORITY of thai girls are the same working on the street as "working girls" but i strongly BELIEVES that there are some thai girls who are not "working girls!" There is a PHRASE there is a WHITE sheep among those BLACK sheep in an open field! Is really really DISAPPOINTING the way people especially guys think about thailand and the girls there! Yes u people comment base on what u saw but if u look carefully do u really think those girls are HAPPY working like that?! I don't think so! They work like that cause they don't have a good qualification to get jobs that they desire! And some or mostly guys who went there they took ADVANTAGE of these girls HELPLESS situations by fucking them for FREE! U people want to know how i got this information?! Very easy! Here in my country singapore there is a place call clarke quay where there are bars and clubs whenever i go out to clarke quay with my girlfriends for drinks me and my girls we like to eavesdropping people conversations especially GUYS conversations! Cause by eavesdropping u can tell what sort of person those people are from the way they talk and the topic of their conversations. So MOST of the times what i always heard about guys what they do when they went to thailand their conversation is always the same "Yeah! I went to thailand last week man!" And 1 of the guy will ask him "So what did u do?" The guy will BRAGGED "I picked 1 pretty chick i bought drinks for her and i brought her to my hotel room and when i am "done" i just kicked her out!" Whether u guys believe me or not is really up to all of u! But this is what i heard most of the times whenever i went to clarke quay bars betweeen guys and guys conversations about what they do when they went to thailand. They BRAGGED if they met a girl that they can trick! To me in my mind what was really lingering whenever i heard guys bragging about their TRICKY mission when they went to thailand i feel like telling those fucking cunning bastards off "Hey asshole those thai girls they are still HUMAN BEINGS just like u man! They are WORKING and u fucking asshole took advantage of their helpless situations! FUCKING SHIT ASSHOLES! U guys should be ASHAME of yourself and should not regard yourself as MEN!" But i know what would happen if i tell those guys off! They surely cannot accept right?. Yeah! Which guy likes to be reminded of being a cheap asshole!

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