Pattaya W14 Hotel / 1Min walk to Walking Street

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W14 hotel is a 1-minute walk to Walking Street
Hotel in Walking Street has remarkably old hotel, but W 14 is new hotel and very clean
The difficulty is that there is no lift


Thomas Fox says:

Is there a way to block the view of the bathroom? I’m not into watching someone using the toilet, or be seen, for that matter.

Kru Ploppy says:

Is that Thip's Taxi fortuner parked outside the Grand Hotel?? Excellent, safe driver and willing to drive anywhere in Thailand including orientation drives around Pattaya..

Brandon Woods says:

Is w14 guest friendly

Brummie Brink says:

Great video Bangkok 69, good filming and good music. Thanks

Pattaya Shore says:

greets from the shore

Dai Gogo says:

how much per nite?

A RaysFan says:

I must of blinked…didn't see a safe? I'm sure it has one…where is it?

A RaysFan says:

nice video,, place got potential..

Nilesh Shah says:

They have room on ground floor ?

What is the price for night

aaron porto says:

Getting fed up with Pattaya.
Can you imagine the noise of walking street in your hotel room at night ? 😭😭😭

Boring Man DAI 退屈なおっさん says:


Thomas Schumacher says:

Are those XL condoms in the bar snack tray?
Very flattering!!!!

Willy Pong says:

new intro nice

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