Pattaya – THE BEST HOTEL I’ve stayed at…..

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Pattaya hotel – THE BEST ONE I’ve stayed at……(so far)

It’s not even all that expensive for a room…

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I recently stayed at the Siam@Siam Design 4-star hotel in Pattaya solely to impress a buddy (and it worked).

Parts of this video include:

0:04 Rooftop swimming pools
1:01 Checking out the room (the cheapest one they had)
3:42 Bathroom check
5:02 Location and map
5:25 Sunset outro
7:48 Outro from the Crazy Horse Circus bar in Patong

Additional notes:

Disclaimer: Bangkok 112 is 100% independent and has never done (and never will do) any paid promotions.

Siam@Siam hotel Pattaya has the wow factor in spades. Make sure you make use of the rooftop pools and skybar.

Siam@Siam is guest friendly, so there are no extra joiner fees to pay for a lady you take back there.

The WIFI was excellent as they have a few floors dedicated to business travellers. I could watch YouTube vids at 1080p.

Non guests at the hotel can use the rooftop swimming pools but now there is a minimum spend of 350 baht per person on food/drinks for the privilege (March 2017). There was also a happy hour of buy one get one free from 5-6pm if you’re just heading up there for a sunset drink.

For more info on the pools and fitness center see this Bkk112 vid:

Bkk112 Pattaya recommended hotels:

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Smokn Beats – Tattoo (feat. Sondrey)
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2nd song:
The Stolen Car – Olivaw


A RaysFan says:

Soi PP 555!

İskender Zorlu says:

I ben Theresa 2 Times'ın . Vere nice hotel siam siam .

bustinasscoach says:

lol this is garbage. 84usd per night and i am paying 30usd per night in the base condos for a much nicer studio, much nicer pool and better location. so this is garbage, hotels are dead airnbnb killed them

Norrie Muir says:

…..take away soi 6 and all them hotels would collapse….

A.Hirzun A.Mahmud says:

been here … just visit for the amazing view on the top level.

Peps. K says:

How mutch in high seson on siam siam? Thanks for tel me and i liek you videos great job😉😉

vince g says:

how much per night

Rupesh Kumar says:

84 dollars is not a cheap hotel

GOONER1952 says:

Excellent review as always !

Arghya Roy says:

your selection of tracks instantly take me to another world..

Cartoon Planes says:

Mango sticky rice? lol
Americans have no imagination in comparison.

hamodo soliman says:

i will go after one week i want ask if iam not book in the hotel can i use the pool ???

Marc Quark says:

First; Many Thanks for your Vids. You do a fantastic Job with them.
I come back from Pataya a few weeks ago. One of the best day besides the Trips to Koh Larn i had on the Rooftop Pool at siamsiam Hotel. Weve been there on the Happy Hour, the People,View ,Mood,Dj,Cocktails,Water and all was indescribably Beautiful. Highly Recommended this place!

Campervan Elvis I toof on you says:

This IS not the best hotel !!!

Alex K says:

Is the city affected by smog?

vbboyd says:

That is some pretty pricey food on that menu. $23 for a Gae Phad Cha, an Australian Pork Chop? Whew. That is very expensive to say the least.

Graffiti Karlsruhe says:

Very cool view from the hotel.

Johno F says:

Nice choice, great review. Agoda is boss.

Kevin LaBar says:

I've stayed at Siam@Siam. Very nice, I agree. and a great value.

UptoMePapiYongKukKuk says:

where was that at the end with the girl on the pole??? Pattaya? looked like a bar in Patong!??

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