Pattaya Thailand — Walking Street and Soi LK Metro — Night Rider

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I take a walk down Walking Street in Pattaya, Thailand and I include some motorbike scenes in places like Soi Buakhao and Soi LK Metro. The nightlife in Pattaya was as pulsing as ever last night.


Al B Here says:

You said gogo bars are like strip clubs. Do they do lap dances, and are they fully nude? Keep up the good work..

Tony Chandler says:

Im sure its tough to make a living out of what you do, but your videos are becoming repetitive. If you have seen one video of walking street, you have seen them all.

Wail fmh11 says:

Excellent good video thanks

hsu94533 says:

She’ll dance all night long if the price is right.

alleyrat1476 says:

The tourists sure dress sloppily, there is no class anymore.

richie rich says:

I wanna to go to relax. Not party 🎉

hardeep singh says:

My fucking Punjabis screwing up the opening frame as usual

Johan Grey says:

Why you dont show your face???

Saidakine says:

I will be there next week .

bradley Bradley says:

No sign of Thailand Bob tonight

sly angler says:

zzzzz another walking street video..

1CBRDUDE says:

That place is a cluster fuck of nothing There are much better places to see in Thailand than this crap.

Dino Distefano says:

Hay cc where would u go to specifically meet thai girls if it's u r first time pattaya

bader kadah says:

This is pattaya or little India ?!

TLO1357 Bardon says:

Nice Video! Sounds like a new improved Triple C. The way your Communicating now is really really good. Congratulations Triple C, and Keep Up the Good Work.

A Twogun says:

What's the score the non thai women being in Pattaya? Occasionally see them in your videos.

george10445 says:

No farang more here ???

David Sinnott says:

All 30 secs of lk metro

capio78 says:

That video is the perfect guide to walking street, once you hit the vr guy and are surrounded by Indian's, you;ve gone too far. Turn around. The bottom end of Walking street is a shithole.

Paul says:

HEY charlie, next time your in LK drop into i-Rovers for me and say high from Santa 😉 Thanks to yours and BFB's videos I had the time of my life in Pattaya. Thank you…

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