Pattaya Thailand Soi 7 Late Night Antics

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Pattaya Thailand Soi 7 Late Night Antics


Roland Lowhorn says:

Really happy dog

Ray Freeman says:

If you are going to take a video and post it PLEASE slow down your movements so we can see what is in the picture instead of it being a bbllluuuuurrrrrrr.

Luke Stevenson says:

Great video Jim I saw your link on Kev in Thailand meet night glad to have added you to my subscriptions ill check all your videos out thanks mate great work Luke in Australia. PS I've been to Thailand 14 times stayed there for six months a few years back.

takis takis says:


Colonel Kurtz says:

High season…bars almost empty…What's going on in Pattaya..???

gavin d says:

Nice video…was watching Kev-In-Thailand meet video where I saw your footage and he put the details of your youtube channel in the description.
You have done some really good videos…keep up the great work.
I really like your Laos videos…Nice to learn more about Laos

BB BB says:

A lot more ladyboys down that Soi than there was last year it seems, you have to keep your wits about you!!

ras124 says:

lots of high heeled hussies I see!

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