Pattaya, Thailand — City of 2,000 Bars, Discos and Go-Go Clubs

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Pattaya, in Thailand, just a short drive down the coast from Bangkok, is perhaps the nightlife capital of the world. There is a party going on somewhere in this town 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There are countless numbers of bars, discos and go go clubs. In this video I show some of the incredible nightlife scenes and give some commentary about it.


Lee Evans says:

Get ya wallet out and go in them instead of 711 bar

S Bain says:

I like your work but you talk as though everything is planned… it really isn't, not in a sense that you or I could make sense of. God bless Pattaya, and Thailand generally, for as long as it lasts…

stephen smith says:

Drinking street is the place you was on about not action street , both dead now or was in early November

Haut Jour says:

Charlie, you seems like a kool guy and enjoy you videos. I was there for three days, had constant disputes with cab drivers, the hotel staff were unfriendly and everyone was out to make money. The beach was filthy as hell, mostly of old men with big beer bellies. And I was thinking WTF, some people call this paradise …. !?

mrmarcus ! says:

Finally see Charlie at 8.01 ๐Ÿ˜‰ keep up the gd work great video

Big Dub Media says:

Hey Charlie,

Really enjoy your channel! Just wondering if you would be able to do like a map with a birds eye view of all the locations that are good to go to and best massage places you have found?

When I was in pattaya I only went to walking street wasnโ€™t aware of all the other soi. Awesome stuff man!!!

Stephen Maxwell says:

Drinking street

Sonny Jim says:

Drinking street?

Joseph Duncan says:

Itโ€™s drinking street up by dolphin roundabout

Red Pill Vegan says:

I love how you mentioned big megacities being overly regulated and dull. I'm pretty sure in the entire state of Virginia, USA, all bar / restaurant establishments have to draw more than 50% of their revenue from food sales by law. Not abc/beverage. Food. So there are no true bars. Imagine trying to establish a fun business around nightlife… But you are mandated into fitting some bullshit business model.

People from the West are starting to discover how some some places in Southeast Asia have allowed significantly more LIBERTY … Liberty to live and do shit the way you want as long as you are not harming other people without 10 million laws and bureaucrats. Fuck.

It's like we have a bunch of plugged in brain dead obese betas who think freedom is what their wife grants them when they are allowed to watch a football game on a Sunday afternoon. Fuck.

Carb the Fuck up and live how you want to live… Cheers cheap Charlie


connor w says:

2000 way more

Les Grossman says:

Great video Charlie! Thank you. Very good summary and explanation of Pattaya. Cheers!

Hang Lee says:

This is ur best, informative video… Cheers and Happy Holidays.

Vlad Kour says:

What is a Go Go Bar?

lexion lex says:

Drinking street

Joe Doe says:

I could not agree more with CC. Lest regulations and let the business run by its own course makes business prosper and people to enjoy.

Pique Dard says:

great analyse! in the eighties when i first visited thailland, patpong in bkk was THE PLACE, indeed! not soy cowboy with ten or so unattractive gogo bars. in soy cowboy the obviously undying tilac gogo-bar was then the only one worthwhile. nana? just a few bars owned by arabs (note: no racist or disrespectful connotation). people would travel to pattaya for a week-end but preferred to stay in bkk.

beano says:

That's the problem with the west today,you can't take a piss without it being regulated,we've become an awful babysat society

skippy 1 says:

Pattaya has changed in the past 3 years alot

Jose Gutierrez says:

Sound better Charlie ๐ŸŽ„Merry Christmas ๐ŸŽฉ

G T says:

This was the iceberg ! There is NOT close to 90 ago-go's on WS, more like 35 ! Including those down the Soi's !.. this one should be easy, walk from one end to the other, COUNT .. or u could even use a calculator (try going before getting drunk) .. nice intro though with the signs.

craig vietor says:

ithink there is more

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