Pattaya Soi 6 in the Daytime – Vlog 201

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Pattaya Soi 6 in the Daytime – Vlog 201

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A Pattaya video showing an afternoon of drinking on Soi 6, with a sunset stroll along the beach later…

Parts of this video include:
0:04 Preview montage, arriving by mototaxi from Soi Diana
2:03 Butterfly bar
3:26 Hero bar
3:57 Pump Station 3
5:08 Lisa bar
6:13 Miss B Haven & the Chili bar
7:54 Guy ringing the bell in Butterfly bar
10:11 Wet Six Club
11:17 Red Point bar
13:14 Time to move on…
14:22 One of the nicest sunset’s I’ve ever seen in Pattaya
17:28 Sunset montage
19:45 Outro

Additional notes

Soi 6 is probably the best spot in Pattaya for daytime drinking, as most of the bars open at 1pm and peak time is around 5-10pm. The bars here close relatively early around 1am, most of the punters will move on to Walking Street down beach road later…

If you’re a Pattaya Soi 6 newbie I recommend visiting Ruby Club or Roxy bar first, as they are both Western owned, have above average ladies and have an air con section inside away from public view…

Ringing the bell

If you ring the bell in a Pattaya bar it means buying all the staff a drink, or maybe even all the customers in the bar too (make sure you know beforehand). It really adds to the party atmosphere as you can see in this video. Let the good times flow…

Nice sunset

Pattaya gets a lot of negative press, but on this day the sunset was simply majestic looking out over the gulf of Thailand. It felt like I was in a real life GTA Vice City game, all I needed was to drive a soft top car and have Emotion FM on the radio to make it more perfect…. 🙂

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1st song
Syn Cole – Feel Good [NCS Release]

2nd song
Quixotic – Palms

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chandler bing bong says:

9:23 that made 'em jump. lol

Tony Sadler says:

Have had many great times and punts in Soi 6, gotta be in the top three bachelor roads in the world in my opinion, if not the best!!!
And if YouTube continues to change their policies, you will have to soon relocate to Nanny State in order to continue uploading videos without fear of sanctions, are YouTube based in North Korea or something nowadays? 😂😂
Great vlog as always…

jeffrey merit says:

Some bars have LB? Lol on top of 4 LB bars on soi 6 there is only 10 bars now that don’t have a LB or 2 working in it and try slice pizza because it’s some of the best pizza I’ve ever had

Yassar Hashim says:

whats the best way to invest 100k $ in pattaya ?

papa al says:

I'm gonna shower and head down to soi 6.
Red point my fav.

stylz1 says:

LOL @3:06 Good one.

Tim Washington says:

Now I know why my dad signed up for two more years in Bangkok in the Air Force .

Tim Washington says:

Man that Beach Skyline is beautiful and where are those thick girls?

Dan From the US says:

Pump Station??? Seriously??!! Dee Dee was that you??? Miss ya sweetheart! See ya in a few weeks.

YouWild says:


Keith D says:

Soi 6 is a great street. I'm not a fan of tattoos and one time there i met a beautiful girl and asked her if she had any tattoos. She was wearing a full dress. She showed me a small one on her wrist and that was it. A little later we were upstairs and she was on her stomach. Her entire back was covered in tattoos…..oh well…just glad she wasn't a ladyboy lol

Jeff D says:

I believe the woman at the bar were discussing exit strategy for afghanistan war for America. Then again, I could be wrong?

blueman4444444 says:

The sunset is tops you could almost hear the Miami vice theme.

Stewart Farrall says:

No Ruby’s was waiting for it best bar on Soi 6 can’t wait get there December

Dr. Teddy Love says:

15:35 – yt sux more and more… 🙁 -.-

reynald bonilla says:

nice one. music is perfect.

ewalton47 says:

Outdid yourself with the montage. Thai scenes so luminous !

S says:

"No thanks jeff" You aware?

Some Random Bald Guy says:

That little inset about the legs and heels, that was clever. The hat is tipped to you. And I liked the sunset, too. Even missing the sunset itself, the sky was unbelievable. Thanks for sharing it.

And for sharing the legs, too. Can't forget the legs.

Dee Man says:

Delightful creatures they are

Phillip R says:

Suppose kissing a Soi6 girl is better then kissing a seal or a Girl in a well known Blowjob bar

Bahaa Badri says:

Hey 👋 Bkk112 I like to say hello to you ‘and I really enjoy watching your video I and how you committed with in ‘ I found very informative
And also nice 👍 entertainment
Thanks for good work 👏👏👏👍👍 cheers 🍻)

portola45 says:

flat earth!

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