Pattaya Social Network — Cheap or “Creepy” Charlie?

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Cheap Charlie explains his thoughts and philosophy about social media and social networks, real life versus digital and online social networks. He has a dim view of things like Facebook, Tinder, Twitter and online dating. He believes they are very poor substitutes for real life social networks, interaction and engagement.

Excerpt from College Humor video used in this video: Very funny video check it out.

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Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

Every Cheap Charlie video here:

Kdogg 86 says:

keep doing you CC, thank you for sharing your experience with us. I'll be here watching and enjoying with all the other loyal subs

Bangkok Famouz says:

Important words Mate! Don't allow yourself to lose too much valuable time focusing so much on these online social networks. Discover the world and people in front of your frontdoor.

Brian Polito says:

CC, I don't think saying hello and engaging people is creepy. I think the point most people are making is when they show disinterest or ended the conversation, you keep the camera lingering in their faces to an uncomfortable point. I'm actually a little surprised a swing hasn't been taken yet. The explanation you give in the video is accurate, but the camera work is a little bit of a different story.

ross kelly says:

Charlie, you are a good person. I've watched enough of your vids to see that. As time goes by though you have to look out for your future. Being a nice guy is a great goal in life but it doesn't pay the bills. Neither does being a jerk. What does pay the bills and give you a comfortable life in your middle age and senior years is what you need to figure out. Soon.Good luck man. BTW, I hate facecrook because it herds the sheeple and they don't even know it. But there's nothing wrong with smartphones or low cost dating sites. Millions of people are happily married now due to them.

hike me says:

I just wanna stay in my room jack off and watch cheap Charlie 🍆🍆🍆

tr0dddd says:

dude stand up for whatever you want to stand up for, social media is here.. There's no taking it away.. You can either adapt or get left behind… and you already are left behind if you haven't had a smartphone for the last 10 years… this is not meant to criticize you or anything, just hopefully open your eyes to be able to see reality… you must move forward buddy, not remain stagnant..
By the way, get on social media, and you could have 5 dates lined up for 1 night.. Wise up buddy

Ajit Basumatary says:

well said CC

No Name says:

The only weird part is that you approach people with a camera & film without asking.

Will I am Beau says:

New star wars movie is CRAP!!!!

Jay Olsen says:

Haters gonna hate, vast majority of us appreciate what you do mate.

castortroy365 says:

It’s fine to interact with people…but ONLY get the camera out after you’ve asked for their permission and explained what you do.
You’re rejected because you’re shoving a camera in their face while asking them questions.

Grant F says:

Very well said my friend. I don't get out that much, usually keep my friends to small groups that I trust. Most of my time I spend at home alone, doing my own thing/hobbies and I really enjoy it but at times I definitely crave to be around other people, meeting new friends and being adventurous. I have social anxiety also and tends to make conversations awkward, however I notice the more I socialize the better I get. I have Facebook and Instagram which is generally for following interests. Meet some cool people on Instagram; including a girl in Thailand who we've become good friends and chat often and I'm excited to visit Thailand one day to meet her in person and see her beautiful country. Where I live in Canada it feel like most people are pretty closed off and it's hard to get into a new social group so that's why I would love to adventure outside the country more in the future. Anyways I went on too long here, great vids, keep it up and ignore the rude, arrogant comments.

mralfiebob says:

Your outlook on life and the art of social interactions are the same as my own. Find myself agreeing with all you state, observe and personally adhere to. The internet was a wonderful creation, but not one that was intended to be abused, but sadly, nowadays social Medea sites do just that, abuse many innocents. Its good to just talk/meet the old fashioned way.

Roe Rae says:

I guess you can't change people's opinion and beliefs. Just take it as a constructive criticism and adjust your style and approach.

bitcoin 24/7 says:

Your not that bright lol you generalize and stereotype ppl to much. Lol. Facebook is often used with family who live far apart. You said you have lots of aunts so you probably have lots of cousins n relatives you could keep contact with on facebook. Do they know about your channel? Probably not. Youre an idiot. Go visit ur family they love you. they probably miss you but your so self centered you only care about urself u udiot

michael mead says:

Your videos are good and you do not have to explain your life to anyone. That is what i respect about you Charlie. You live the way you want to and it has not been easy at times, when you was very low on money in Pattaya. Hope you can travel around a bit, i think it would be interesting to see you travel more. Good luck charlie.

worldnonstop says:

Nice one Charlie. I've never thought you strange. If anything you're super social. I like you when get philosophical. Keep in mind that most viewers will be a bit thick….also you should explain that Pai nai…where you going, is the most popular Thai greeting.

AT D says:

Nothing wrong with saying hi to ppl, it the way you do it Ccc. It’s just seems a bit awkward and creepy. But it’s cool viewers enjoy watching others do awkward things.

Btw real conversations don’t happen in a place like this, it happens elsewhere; not walking street.

I do enjoy your video…cuz I do wonder what’s going through your head when you start talking lol. Give me good laugh… so thanks!?

Frank Musso says:

Agreed Cheap Charlie im super social these and a master at computers i live near Facebook you cant believe the lack of charm people have. Smile be social and enjoy love your talk.

Levent Oerkue says:

I met my ex through an internet dating site, and we were together for almost 2 years.

skeet_tv says:

Love your channel Charlie. You sound like someone arguing for steam after electicity has been discovered. You're right, but who cares. Computers and social media aren't going anywhere. Accept the facts of life and adapt. The world ain't gonna change for you.

skippy says:

Don't worry Charlie – all the negative comments are from jealous people wishing it was them making these videos!

Alan Anderson says:

Good message but hatters are always going to hate.

Sang S says:

You're a good soul Charles.

Ontario Andrews says:

Three letter word? You couldn't say 'sex'?

carrtex says:

Very well put CC. Never fret over what other people say or do. Just be yourself.

alpha621 says:

This video is probably pearls cast before swine, as the scripture says. You are 100% correct regarding interaction with fellow beings, today one only has to look and see how many people are hypnotized with the "social media bug" even the developers of facebook acknowledge that it is going to dumb down physical interaction, its worldwide. People drawn into this web of social engineering will eventually become intrinsic and me me me orientated. You mentioned the "like" symbol on facebook, people are now starting to suffer from lack of esteem when they receive no likes social skill sets are already starting to suffer sadly this is the future. Facebook, Twitter, Foto bucket, YouTube Where are you now, etc etc. These media platforms could be of a benefit but are being utilized in a chronically "me" only way. The smart phone is a very big influence in this field, eg: apps that Photoshop the selfi pictures, the ease of access to the social media outlets. To end this, I do have a smart phone, it is a Sony Z3 compact. It has the ability to disable mobile data, and goes into Ultra Stamina mode which gives the phone 240+ hours of life before charge or thereabouts. I want a phone to be a phone, and I want to interact face to face not via an app. I dont need a like, I feel confident to interact without the introduction of an electronic program. Good video Charlie looking forward to your follow up, maybe some may be educated or at least made to think critically and honestly about what you are saying !

elceloco says:

keep the videos coming man I respect the grind

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