Pattaya Sabai Wing Hotel – Nice Pool…!!!

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Pattaya Sabai Wing Hotel – Nice Pool…!!!

For more info on Sabai Wing Hotel including essential booking info see:

Parts of this video include:

0:00 Location in Pattaya (taken from the free Pattaya guide)
0:04 Pattaya Soi 1 & reception
0:25 Swimming pools + facilities
1:48 26 sq m Studio room
6:13 Bathroom check
7:48 Bonus scenes
8:32 Outro from the Crazy Horse Circus bar in Patong

Additional notes:

Disclaimer: Bangkok 112 is 100% independent and has never done (and never will do) any paid promotions.

I was looking forward to staying at Sabai Wing, as the location on Soi 1 is good and the facilities seemed excellent.

Overall: Sabai Wing hotel reaches the ‘also consider’ section for recommendations on It has great swimming pools, is clean and in a great location with a good price too. But the tired, guesthouse feel to the place will put off some especially in this modern age.

The free WIFI was fine and I could watch YouTube at 720p in my room.

I paid just over 1000 baht through agoda for a room in November 2016 ($28).

Room rates start around 1214 baht a night Dec-March ($34) dropping April onwards to 908 baht ($25) booking through agoda in early 2017.

Extra tips:

– You can use the amazing rooftop swimming pools at the nearby Siam@Siam Design hotel as long as you purchase drinks (towels will be provided). For a detailed video of the pools see here:

– The big Central Marina shopping mall is close by and very convenient. Cinema, restaurants & shopping.

– The beach is only a 2 minute walk away. 40 baht to hire a deck chair in the shade.

– Nearest 7-Eleven is on Second road towards dolphin circle pas the ibis hotel.

– Soi 6 is only a 3 minute walk away 😉

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1st song
Downtown Stroll – Ruso

2nd song
Heart Beats – Silent Partner
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3rd song
Lover’s Stripes – ALBIS
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achimfichtel says:

Thank you for the video. And also for the other videos from you tube

Erlend Midlang says:

All the Sabai hotels in this area look so dated and old.

danny collingwood says:

I have spent one of the best days of my life in Pattaya..What a fab place..Really amazing…simply amazing…fantastic holiday destination..

Paul B says:

admit it B112 you didnt land those pillows on the chair in 1 take ..555.. this hotel is all you need just need to buy a thai 4 way extension socket for lack of plugs in room….50 days and counting

tincodx says:

nice video, thank you

traveling random says:

I'm finally in Thailand whootwhoot!!!

steven elton says:

I was watching a Philip Law vlog on Pattaya thinking he was copyimg your style, until I saw the end which said it was one of your vids, what a rip off, thought you should know

The Filth says:

Hey Bangkok 112, why do you always rattle the clothes hangers in your hotel videos?

First of all You're not a good fighter says:

Bunch of old white people spot not for me Pattaya

Tim McDowell says:

Stayed in the nearby Sabai Empress last April. Decent quality at a decent price but the WIFI was not very good.

MrZola1234 says:

Any guys bring bar girls to the pool at places you have stayed?  If so, does it draw any attention from the family or business tourists at these hotels?

Bobeeg says:

Nice review. Does the Hotel have a western breakfast and what's the cost..? We stay at Baboona Beach hotel. Nice ocean view balcony, good
Free breakfast. But more money of course. Also it's hard to beat Agoda. says:

You going back to Phuket any time soon?

John R says:

Water did not look that clear or was that just me in the last shots?

Leo Thomas says:

When you bring a freelancer here, is it OK? For 1-2 hours?

Babar Jamal says:

I like ur all videos ,whats ur opinion about a one star hotel on soi 3.

todd morgan says:


9tarko says:

Stayed there previously. It is a basic and solid hotel with good lacation and a relaxing atmosphere.. Bkk112 has made another excellent vlog . Thanks mate you are one hell of a vlogger.. By the way i noticed that some other Pattaya vloggers imitating your style ( narration with subtitles 🙂 no voice over..

Rob 1n says:

Would def want full king size bed for the price, not 2 singles pushed together. That is very cheapskate charlie. You'de end up falling down the joint in the middle if you were into the "Pattaya swing" Do they do monthly rates??

Daniel says:

Do you ever stay at higher end rooms or hotels – if so what videos have you posted?
Can you link?
Nothing wrong with budget rooms, but just wondering if you ever stay in any suites.

Ben Santaguida says:

Great video as always brother! How far is this hotel from the local airport? thank you

King Kompany says:

Ahh, yes, these videos just would not be the same without the obligatory lifting of the phone receiver.

ralph bellange says:

I wish you had that up a week, I would of def book this for my next week trip..

Steve Rushaw says:

How many people checked their email at the beginning of the vlog

Paul Sinnott says:

Great place. Also like Sabai Lodge Soi 2. Great work

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