Pattaya nights – lovely street review

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Pattaya, Thailand 2017. Night report from lovely street Soi LK Metro.
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If you don’t know Lk Metro is
a short L-shape street on the Soi Diana and Buakhao intersection
full of a GoGo bars and pretty thai girls.
This place cheaper than Walking Street and not too loud. Girls there more pretty then on Soi 6.

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Pattaya Random says:

►Book hotels in Pattaya with Discount up to 70%
►Hotels in Bangkok
✔PattayaRandom travel guide

Patrick Palmarella says:

Thai girls are v BEST ♡

Kester Francois says:

I'm planning to visit Bangkok, Pattaya soon… It would be my 1st time… I'm trying to learn as much i can from your vids…
What would be the best recommended amount of money to be walking around with daily ??? and in total for 7days how much would be enough to carry ???

Nkmhd Basheer says:

send u number

Steve Thibault says:

Ha soyboy do you ever talk to these whores ?

Source sources says:

i dont need

Frank says:

You film like a fucking peeping Tom!

5winder says:

Man, someone needs to clean that window.

skaileep says:

если ты родилась бабой в Таиланде – судьба у тебя одна.

Ilyas koshani says:

You didn't answer to my e mail.

Jaime Mantel says:

Seems those girls on the street level are making some good money. They seem to be carrying a bit of weight for women in that region. Must be eating well.

Cicero Conceicao Silva says:

Muito bom o video mostra des do cimeço LIKEEEE!!!!

Ron Wilson says:

I love Asian women there extremely beautiful. And that’s why I married one lol , unfortunately though everyone thinks there all hookers when there visiting over there, well there not , yes there is hookers there but there’s hookers in every country you go


Luv the way you Zooom in👅👅👙💃👙💃👙💃👙💃👙💃🐢🐢🐢🐍🐍🐍LOLZZZHEEEEHEE

Steven Goodnight says:

No need in blurring out the breast you tube has plenty of videos that do not blur out ant thing.

Gee Beave says:

Thumbs down for the censorship. Not necessary

Mike Estrada says:

why are these creeps videos so far away

Real Video & ENT says:

Thank you sir

Jeeny William says:

Sorry.. The time and society have changed a lot… And nudity has given prime priority ..In all developed cities You will find Nudity FIRST. No doubt society has already polluted by this type of uncivilized tendency. It would be better if such nudity shown in a auditorium room , so that only adult people will be benefited . . Unfortunately , This nudity attitude has already infected or spoiled the mind of teenage girls……..And psychologically , they loved to adore such filthy tendency. So , Open nudity is purely poisonous for society. So it is up to you.

Patrick Hipster says:

#Sexy ladyboys

Abhay Kapoor says:

Time waste video , you fail to u show single face

james baxter says:

fucking creep spying on people

A RaysFan says:

the travel agent said, room with a view 555!

Nagarjuna Chedarla says:

if we come There can we meet you

robert craig says:

i love to travel to the world with you

Randall Turner says:

No commentary makes for a dull video.

Travel To The World says:

Thanks for upload

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