Pattaya Nightlife – Walking Street After Midnight

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A series of scenes filmed at night along Walking Street. Walking street is the epicentre of Pattaya Nightlife.

It is a street pedestrianised at night filled with beer bars, gogo bars and a few nightclubs.

The Ultimate Pattaya Nightlife Guide

There are also A LOT of freelance girls, these girls can be found at the live music venues, the african freelancer bars as well as the freelance lady nightclubs including Insomnia Nightclub and Walking Street Disco
SECONDARY CAMERA (rarely used);
MINI TRIPOD (rarely used);


Geetchi Liberachi says:

I'm gonna assume they're all dudes.

Rex Lu says:

2:04 Come on, dude, you're not supposed to wear this t-shirt when looking for fun…

Amazing world of joshi says:

I like your vedio.. can I use your vedio for my Youtube video ?
I will give you credit in my description

Luis Fernando Silva Ferreira says:

Sodoma e Gomorra

狩人ハンター says:

funny video nice

Dave says:

my favourite places so far is hot tuna bar, windmill agogo bar, king seafood restaurant and hard rock pool bar in that order; whenever i go to pattaya i rotate in that order.

Phil Tenerife says:

As nice as some the russian girls look……..they are the most miserable hardcore women on planet earth !

james king says:

8.04 the most gorgeous girl i have ever seen

Ottoman Empire says:

is this what you want your woman to become? return to God and safe your soul

Baitong naka says:

8.27 Blonde girl in front of the club Slavic Semblance Probably Russian business owners. No one dares to kick that need to Even The Thailand police

Baitong naka says:

8.27 Blonde girl in front of the club Slavic Semblance Probably Russian business owners.

adu89 1223 says:

5:14 coca????

jesus says:

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Captain Obvious says:

Can you hook up with these girls? Or do most have a surprise package?

lee lee says:

i like the way u edit ur video only the good shot keep up the work

Prashant Gurung says:

at13:26 wow dmn cute babe

Geoff Mead says:

I just gotta be a wowser and laugh-Drat Beer? Draft Beer? Only one place had it right with–Draught Beer. Yeah I know– picky as hell but –funny. lol

Mub8 Az says:

10:22 beautifull girl who's know what bar she's work or what's her name 😍😅

Malcolm Grant says:

do there ever be any black men there? im african, would they turn me down because of color? curious

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