Pattaya Nightlife, Walking Street after midnight – VLOG 74

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Pattaya Nightlife, Walking Street after midnight – VLOG 74, Thailand 2016


This video starts late after midnight on Walking Street, Pattaya. This video was taken in May 2016, and is the second of 2 parts (the first half was VLOG 72).

The parts of this video are:

Walking Street gogo bars 0:00
Insomnia Nightclub front 2:36
Will he / won’t he, 2 guys with a ladyboy 3:42
Beggar children hassling people 5:02
Girl ejected from Insomnia 7:20
End of the night on Walking street 9:11
Soi Diana and Buakhao 5am walk 12:25
Map 14:04

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garply101 says:

I was going to go to Thailand… And I thought Phucket.

burak ツ says:

ananı avradını sıkıcem bu ne ya

Joseph Avel says:

Is this moment normal life attitude or a festivity period in a year?????😕😕😕😕🙅🙅🙅🙅

Rohan Singh says:

What do the monks think of all the partying in Pattaya?

Erkan Ergüler says:

3:20 No Kebap .. Turkish DÖNER … Okey .. ; )

mariya hosin says:

اخنا بالتحاوويل و مايجيوش

Allah Kareem says:

I just love pussy,,,

Jay Bee says:

Chicks with dicks.

TTuoTT says:

Dont feel sorry for the monks. These are no christian monks who are afraid of sinful behavior of others. Buddhism isnt about avoiding temptation, but beeing above it. You should feel sorry for the girls, dumbass

dale sweet says:

Spotted Nick Swift in this video leaving a bar with an African girl…..

lord jac says:

first time seeing black ppl in thailand

Yuni 12 says:


T Pm says:

ดูแล้วอายต่างประเทศเขาว่ะ นี้หรอประเทศไทย

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