Pattaya Nightlife (Soi 6 & Walking Street) – Vlog 202

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Pattaya Nightlife (Soi 6 & Walking Street) – Vlog 202

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A video of a night out in Pattaya, Thailand. This video is part 1 of 2 and the footage ends around midnight.

This night was from October 2017 which is the end of the rainy season, and it also coincides with being the end of the low tourist season so this accounts for the bars being quieter.

Parts of this video include:

0:04 Video preview of the whole night (parts 1 and 2)
2:54 March Hotel, 7pm
3:20 Baht bus ride along second road to Soi 6
3:56 Soi 6, including a view of Ruby Club and the Toy Box bar
10:15 Baht bus ride along Beach Road towards Walking Street
11:36 A look at some Beach Road freelancers
12:55 Passing the Pattaya Beer Garden bar complex
13:40 Start of Walking Street, 10pm
15:23 Rock Street live music bar, an Aerosmith cover sounding good
15:58 View of Skyfall Agogo
17:23 View of Mandarin Agogo
20:16 Soi 15 gogo bar alley
22:39 View of Nui’s Club 2
23:46 P72, a hotel directly on Walking Street
24:41 Sweehearts Agogo, a good old school type bar
26:36 Muay Thai boxing under Marine Disco early in the evening
28:41 ibar and insomnia looking quiet early on
29:08 Passing the Hot Tuna bar
30:20 Simon 2 Bar Complex looking quiet
31:25 A Subway sandwich for me before hitting the bars
31:50 Outro

NB: This video was shot in October of 2017, which is still considered the low season in Pattaya (High season is Nov – Apr, low season is May – Oct).

There were some comments on Vlog 200 about overuse of music. That video was a one off special with a couple of my favourite tunes used the past 3 years of posting Bangkok 112 videos.l

Thank you for watching and subscribe for more videos.

1st song
Ship Wrek & Zookeepers – Ark [NCS Release]

2nd song
Paul Garzon – Roulette

3rd song
SANDR – Retrofunkish

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Dwane Birt says:

How much did you pay the Pattaya lady that you banged? lol

Bradimus1981 says:

I like your comment at the end about the sandwich giving you extra power for your choice of lady for the night. lol

j rossi says:

Most likely catching squid. They are attracted by the lights shining onto the water.

TRMV says:

Are there any places for old farts like me to just go and have a quiet and relaxing beer or two? No loud ass music, or bar girls hitting you up every 20 seconds for a drink?

Chronux says:

Does anyone know if you can actually get with the promo girls standing outside? Or only the girls inside?

Alex Grass says:

nice nice. i'd lived there…. thanks for that movie….

Tweakin Trax says:

Subway Extra Power ☺

Anthony W says:

4.14 Thar guy looks looks he ate his parents WTF.

Lyn Surio says:

Nice video. I’m getting excited now lol. See you Pattaya in 2 weeks. Actually it’s my first time to go to Thailand 😉

Silverback93 says:

Like the intro track

Go cuk says:

The music from the venues always reminds me of an old ass flipper-sound

D says:

At 8:30 The girl with the sleeve tattoo….. The end

Jason Owen says:

love you vlogs bkk112 the quality is fantastic

bakarasabaka says:

My shoes are cleaner than these toilet girls

TechStories79 says:

I get all depressed towards the end of your videos cause it dawns on me it's about to end lol

MilesDei says:

OK What is in those little bottles these girls always seem to be sniffing on??

Rodney Gaul says:

What's with all the freelance fatties ?

Rihan Al Biruni says:

Thank you for these 32 min holidays!

Vandie Porter says:

why do all the scooters there have big moped size wheels and all they sell us in america are the small wheel vespa style ,. scooters from over there are much nicer

Crisun Hemligt says:

25:40 the nr 76 i think she works as cashier in Miami on WS looks like her but some thai girls looks really like each other so never know if its the same girl

kaleem jan says:

Good videos

hardeep singh says:

Great video Sean better than your earlier ones. Dont let the negative types get you down or affect your style like the " old pervert" type of bullshit. You are having fun while they are sitting in their cramped offices

ELAREH1 says:

This video doesnt tell it all…nearly smashed three black indian kunts on the bus over too pattaya.. those fuckers lie on the beach semi naked 5-10 of them .. on the shoreline and perv at everyones missus…so fuckin tight they wont even pay the whores…and the busses of orientals who leave the hotel room and flood walking street ..snapping pictures..and also buying absolutely nothing…fuckin hordes of them…its turned into a fuckin flea market..most clubs are empty…i been coming here for 20 fckin bad now..polluted beaches and just low life third world shtkunts…theyll close this street down soon likewise nana plaza..used to be cool its just a rotting carcass!

corbin unconnected says:

Love the music

Bobshouse says:

Probably some kinda salt water fish.

ack odwne says:

My lil dick……..

The Investor Guild says:

Can you take the promo girls if you fancied one?

Bill Irvin says:

I love these videos. Bring back lots of great memories of a misspent youth while in the US Air Force stationed in Thailand from 1970 – 76.

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