Pattaya Nightlife — Romance Is In the Air #17 — 3:30 AM

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Another edition of the Romance Is In the Air series where I record the street life and nightlife of Pattaya as it is happening with minimal editing on Walking Street. In these episodes I also talk with some of the locals and in this one I talked to the person who found my camera and returned it back to me some months ago. This was recorded about a month ago.


saki says:

SHE is a HE hahaha

Shane Purcell says:

Haha.. Charlie that girl you were talking to about the oranges.. She's Nam..Hannies cousin. Another bloggers girlfriend russian dude Aziatka!

eric thefathead says:

little known fact…Charlie married the lady-boy who gave him his camera back.

j c Montreal says:

the whole clip just filming random ppl on the street why dont you just leave camera on your balcony pointed towards street your not really helping

David Sinnott says:

Was there a power cut down 1 side of the street?

jhgjhgj hgjhgdj says:

The camera is so shaky. I can hardly recognize the blurred people

Hulk Hulk says:

nice song charlie at 1;28 who sings it

john j says:

Boring… All your Walking Street videos are so similar and lack creativity. If you have seen one, you have seen them all. Standing in front of a disco and filming people who pass by with occasional awkward (and unsuccessful) attempts to make simple conversation.

Brummie Brink says:

great video cheap charlie

PETER Loves says:

Hey CC … could you please feature Ladyboy's a little bit more , we're not all DEAD STRAIGHT !

David FLETCHER says:

What time in the morning was this Charlie? I can see it is still dark….. maybe 3am?

luis arevalo says:

How much to get laid?

CL W says:

CC what time you shot this video? Was it pretty late as it appears some go go bars were closed already

Edgar Palm says:

So many beautiful women there…omg.

hadi Ahadi says:

charli go shopping Mkro is so cheap.
with Iranian friend.
Everything is very good and

Jason Stemley says:

WOW! Good thing they believe in karma and she believes that she will be blessed later, which hopefully she will. Unfortunately if it were here in the states someone would have thought simply finding that camera would have been a blessing and ended up just keeping it. That's also good that you showed this to peove that Thailand is a good place and not everyone is out to get you. Great video CC.

David Abreu says:

I like girl with oranges

Sami Saeed says:

Allow me to invite you brother…. I’m paying 😌

Daryle says:

The Fat Chick wanted some CC, 'Run Forest Run'.

Mot Ster says:

Video is pretty soft focus for 1080p

James W says:

I really enjoyed this video in particularly because you showed what so many , steriotypes has labeled some ladyboys or some Thais , that when an opportunity strikes for them to cash in on a misfirtune of one, they actually do the opposite and show human kindness and return something of high value back to its rightful owner.

chetan patel says:

Hi Charlie I am from India & now a days I'm in Melbourne Australia. I am your big fan. Can you make one video about which camera & another devices that you can make YouTube video.

Acruz2 says:

First thing first awesome channel 👍🏻👍🏻
When is the best time to travel there

Phillip R says:

CC that was so nice of her, to give ya camera back, I hope you gave her something or brought a meal and a drink- Also CC just a comment i know you will do what you will, but so many Blogs of walking street at end of the night, seen 1 seen them all unless something unusual or sexy or funny happens- 1 of the reason's why i like your V Blogs is your laughter and humor as well as diversify in topics but seem like you just happy sit around in gutters and film… Hope you would think about getting around Pattaya more, interacting with people and women, more bars and places to stay….. just an idea- share ya humor with girls and us your followers… so many things to do there and bars…. but you seem camp out front of 7/11 always…

makaveli24k says:

hey charlie i been watching your and seans videos for a while now i decided to subscribe and support you guys on every video. hope you both do well you deserve it.

Andy Dempsey says:

Love these videos . Remninds me when i walk home from insomnia blind drunk in a awesome mood . Whats not to love about walkin street yewwww .
Thanks CC 😊

Pique Dard says:

hi CC,
you used a "neutral" word when you write " .. in this one i talked to the person who found my camera and returned …". ladyboys have got, right or wrong, a bad reputation but obviously all of them aren't bad persons…

Dance Iraq says:

Very beautiful

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