Pattaya Nightlife LATEST Updates 2017 – Walking Street Bars, Clubs, Restaurants

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0:44 S pattaya Rd
0:56 Massage parlours along S pattaya Rd
1:08 TG exchange not to be confused with TT exchange. Both have yellow color shops. TT has better rates
1:49 Night market Street food on the side of the main road near to Wat Chai Mongkhon Market
2:20 One of the things to do in Thailand is to eat its street food. They are cheap and delicious
2:40 boat noodles and soup noodles are among the most popular street food you must try
3:37 walking street main entrance sign where everyone take photos with
3:43 Right before the entrance of walking there’s a bar place with multiple bars under one roof. There’s Thai Boxing muay thai and working girls
5:17 The Stones House, pub
5:43 7-eleven walking street pattaya
5:51 Red Car Disco pub Walking street
6:24 Skyfall bar
6:47 Bliss bar on the left. Sea zone restauarant, Lobster Pot, Lighthouse bar
7:19 Miami
7:21 Frog bar and basilisk bar pattaya
7:32 Fahrenheit Bar  
7:37 Halloween Party pattaya
7:53 Sapphire Club  
8:37 Bargirl promoter trying to talk a customer to their bar
8:48 king cafe best spot for people watching. Beside moulin rouge and king seafood
9:07 Magician at walking street
9:30 Lucifer Disko Pattaya 2.0 walking street
9:51 Soi BJ alley street food
10:26 Red Square russian bar
10:57 coyote dancing
11:13 Baccara Agogo bar
11:24 freelancers at walking street
11:33 Russian promoter girls
11:45 The Pier Pattaya on the right

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Peter McQuilty says:

How sad! Obviously someone who has never spent any real time in Pattaya. Put your camera away for a few days and try to relate to Thai people then maybe you can put together something relevant to what you think you are seeing?

Mugen Power says:

last one probably Kazakhstan

hypnosiscenter nyc says:

Australian guy told me how he knows when it is time for him to leave Thailand. He said, "When white women start looking good again, it's time to leave." 🙂

paul nodalo says:

Thais are becoming richer than Brits and Americans now.8% GDP growth a year in Asia.

bosanac usrcu says:

Such like place to get hiv or some other sh. .

Kennie MusicLovers says:

OMG ! old mama on top ?

Kennie MusicLovers says:

I can easily see some Madagascar freelancers…..?

Kennie MusicLovers says:

….fast and ezy to remove for XXX ?

Kennie MusicLovers says:

…what 's the main job functions ? To grab as many customers as possible so that they can have a higher income for the night ?

Kennie MusicLovers says:

Which are the better bars to go with better looking girls ? …..going during X'mas time ?

reeyoo haj says:

great but why you don"t mrntion the streets names or no"

Sodapop Curtis says:

not only is the video dope, but it made me see how much fun I missed out in Pattaya for Halloween. Definitely trying to be there next year for it! I'll be there in a month so I can't complain too much.

Hot Chocolate says:

Great video!

Brummie Brink says:

great video, good filming.

Renjith Cm says:

I love Thailand

James W says:

Great stuff and informative.

The Toronto Skyscraper Blog says:

Your videos are the bomb!!!

Paul Zeus says:

why, whites like the city? Everybody likes whites, except the US and Europe where they are attacked in their own countries, and labelled "inherently racist".

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