Pattaya Nightlife – inc. Walking Street – VLOG 83

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Pattaya Nightlife. Full Night Out including Soi 6, 7, 8 and Walking Street – VLOG 83

Sights and sounds from a full night out in July 2016 from Pattaya, Thailand. From the very first drink in Mama’s Cafe on Soi 6, to the last beer after 6am at the JP freelancer pool bar on Walking Street.

This video is longer than normal, so feel free to skip around or watch in more than one sitting.

Parts of this video include:

0:00 Soi 6, including eating at Mama’s cafe
4:01 Soi 7, including Rolling Live 4 – a bar that mixes ladies and ladyboys
6:56 Soi 8, including some amazing lyrics in a Bon Jovi cover 🙂
10:40 Walking street, midnight full walk
18:46 Hot Tuna Bar, with popular rock guitarist Lam Morrison
20:05 Some promo girls from Walking Street gogo bars
24:00 Soi 15 gogo bar alley
27:30 The front of Skyfall gogo bar & general street scenes
36:12 Insomnia Nightclub (thumbnail part is 39:39)
43:21 JP pool bar, freelancer place late on after 6am
46:07 Map of the Walking Street locations from this video

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Prince Cosmos says:

i love you videos. thanks for making them. when you spot a ladyboy. please describe how you know it is one. i want to avoid them

Cletus Ani says:

I love this beautiful guys

Bradley Spinks says:

Rock and Indie music seems really popular over there

Aa Bb says:


Abdul Sayed says:

11:53 I love how the cops are just watching and laughing as the homeless bum picks on the sleeping guy

Alan Ford says:

Those Pakis are everywhere they so fucking annoying !

Derek Allyn says:

Ok, the Ladyboys were more obvious back in 1991 when I was there, but I can still spot most of them. However, at 22:38 there are a pair you call Ladyboys that I would been fooled. What am I missing?

Nizar El-ALi says:

Hi nice video … since you are an expert in Thai night life may i ask you when is the low season in Phuket ?

marionickenig1 says:

Oh to be a rock star in Thailand…Personally, I would rather be the Budda looking bass player.

mamud rsj says:

nang dih wa, iki apa,,,,,telbuk apa doli.. apa.haya lestoran untuk menarik kosumen sj.wa..!


Super hot girls pass by the asian boys.. they're so common there.. the asian boys don't even pay attention! Meanwhile.. the Caucasian guy stumbled as he turned to look at a mini goddess.. bumped into another one and lost a flip flop. Another night on the Walk.

Sterling Archer says:

Anyone know the song the starts at 41:02. Its a well known DJ but its slipping my mind at the moment

MrZola1234 says:

I would have chatted up the blond girl in the white tank at JB Pool Bar at the 44.00 point.

MrZola1234 says:

Keep the bathroom shots, get rid of all the ladyboy crap.

MrZola1234 says:

Girl walking into the pharmacy at .50 looks good.

steve Apperley says:

had a feeling you liked the redhead… long camera moments lol 🙂

Danny Boyette says:

This is a really nice place everyone having fun nobody trying to start no shit unlike here in the states I would like to visit this place I probably wouldn't want to ever leave.

Pedro Flanegin says:

Beautiful very nice a lot of night live pretty girls and sexy I recommend it for vacation very excited things going on pbf Aruba one happy island

kalamansi raider says:

are those promo girls there to entice people to come in or do they also serve as gogo dancers/hostesses, if not can you still barfine them?

David Larson says:

@ 28:10 there in front of Skyfall is an older lady in black seems to be making notes in a pad a lot. Is she like a manager or the house mother for the girls?

Darry says:

them Indians are Taking Over

Robin Lamott says:


wei song says:

what is this

Marcellus Carter says:

whats the slow season months

Adam PX says:

what are all these young girls doing hanging around in their undies ? Its that warm in bangkok?

Américo Guerra Filho says:

29:33 Chinese song(cantonese)from group called Beyond ! song

Tommy Haynes says:

It all seems so boring

Renjith Cm says:

I love pattaya

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