Pattaya Nightlife in the low season – Vlog 186

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Pattaya Nightlife in the low season – Vlog 186

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A video showing part of a night out in Pattaya, Thailand. This is footage from early in the night, where I went for dinner at a plush restaurant, went to Soi 6, then headed to Walking Street.

Parts of this video include:

0:04 Second Road baht bus ride
1:24 Cutting through the alleyway beside View Talay 6 condominium and the Hilton hotel (Tim Sharky’s Pattaya Flying Club video:
3:54 Beach Road and the Wave hotel, wind starting to blow strong
5:31 Cadillac Cafe
8:27 Soi 6
8:48 Baht bus ride along Beach Road to Walking Street
11:20 Thunderstorm looming
13:33 Walking Street
14:01 Insomnia club
15:16 Street Food carts at Soi BJ
16:54 A look inside Lucifer Disco
18:00 Outro

NB: This video was shot in October of 2017, which is still considered the low season in Pattaya (High season is Nov – Apr, low season is May – Oct).

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Иван Иванов says:

Какие милашки)))😋😋😋

Bobby B says:

Your idea and my idea of the money shot are different. LOL. Great videos.

yeahrightdennis says:

You should invest in a 3-axis-gimbal

Top Dog says:

Dude!! A ASIAN lady thought you had a small penis! You should have slapped the bitch!! >D

Nicola Campara says:

Really good work this. One of the best video ever.

nutt1674 says:

16:23…This is why I would be so confused there.  Maybe you can better discern which are Ladyboy's or not when you're in person.  Otherwise…I'd probably not find out until it's too late…LOL

nutt1674 says:

7:35…damn good singing…

Daniel K. says:

Hilton isn't all that great if you aren't going for the suite with the balcony jacuzzi. It also isn't guest friendly.
You will get a lot more bang for your buck if you get a suite at LK The Empress or if you're really ballin' then go to Mövenpick, that shit is litt.

Haniel Thibeaux says:

I was there!

ANH Bùi says:


Russell Spiller says:

Great video man, love the tune at the start, can you tell me the track name..?

Andrameda666 says:

Language at 11:12, I think it's Farsi.

LC Michaels says:

i have a question. A friend wants me to go with him to Thailand. My concern is I am now a right leg amputee (2 years now) and still have to use a walking staff with my prosthetic to get around. It looks like from your videos that I'm going to have a hard time getting around. Am I right on that? Also, other than freelancers, are the girls really going to take much time chatting with me once they see my prosthetic? I know it's been a serious turn off to women here in the states. Just wondering.

Mark Davis says:

Classy Restaurant and red wine??? Unusual for a monger wouldn't you say?

FreeThinker040 says:

14:20 well better fake than having no ass.

Maniarasu Samy says:

16:26. Boobs look great.

SpeaksIt says:

Dude, why don't you ever get to the islands, on the beach? You may as well be in Dam.

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