Pattaya Nightlife Food Travel VLOG 2018 – Walking Street Live in Thailand

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Pattaya Nightlife Food Travel VLOG 2018 – Walking Street Live in Thailand


1AmericanInAsia says:

She meant she has two friends that are guys.

1AmericanInAsia says:

They need to capitalize on women's clubs so they can see men dancing. Talk about a cash crop! Those euro women would go apeshit!

WastedLife says:

Mmm so much good Thai food

Gregory Fortner says:

Love those girls in the yellow outfits.

Aleks Savinez says:

Massage 😌 parlor happy ending 😈

Edgardo Hernandez says:

noob question….can you bar fine the hostesses outside?

rottedfruit says:

Not very bright that cat bites you and your screwed dude don't ever forget your not home….

Brummie Brink says:

Nice video Food Travel 101.

Rogue Male says:

The kebabs are tasty but small by western standards.
Like in Patong Phuket-you see Dad + mum with kids in tow gawking at the bars.
They're not generally known as hostesses- promo girls are not usually barfine-able but in Pattaya, anything can be brought.. for a price.
Not a cat or girlfriend fan- 🙁
Live music always sucks me in-:)
Thankyou for the upload.

Christophe one says:

Lovely cat 👌

jaymeez says:

Finally got some Pussy back in your room huh lol

Carsten Heuer says:

sweet cat 🙂

luis arevalo says:

Are they sale the ladies

Sobhy Ahmed says:

Thanks MY ANGEL ALWAYS! How nice! I wish you a warm welcome! Good video! Like +++ !
ما شاء الله ربنا يبارك.•°⁂“°•.¸.•°♫“❅°•. ( روعــــــــــــــــ♆ــــــــــــــــــlikeـــــــــــــهthank you so much☂ ⁂ ¸.•` °♫ •.¸¸.•° ⁂ ☪تسلم ايدك واحلى لااااااايك

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