Pattaya Nightlife Crazy New Year’s Eve Night With Lots of Thai Girls

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It was a wild New Year’s Eve party on Walking Street here in Pattaya, Thailand. In this video I show the crazy and wild atmosphere from that night. Saw and talked to many cute Thai girls on this festive occasion.


Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

Every Cheap Charlie video here:


What a trainwreck…remind me not to go to Pattaya for New Years….

Gazbo says:

How many Walking Street Videos can you do?

David Spears says:

Boring boring boring…….get my drift

Varuna Sagar says:


Philippines/Oz Fun With JLB says:

A W E S O M E !

wassup fatboy says:

Charlie baby – you've deleted about 10 of my recent comments dude wtf?
Are you related to Kev-in-thailand by any chance? he did the same.
Rein got in on that act too.
Fatboy Twitchy went even further and blocked me entirely WTF!!!
If this keeps up i'll soon be down to gayboy gary & the widow twanky's channels only!

Sawas Dee says:

Besides Thais I see only Indians and Arabs, the poor future of Pattaya nightlife?

Chris L says:

Great video !
Happy new year to you CCC and Sean !

lozo brown says:

WOW nothing if not annoying.

ferry nat says:

you have very nice life, i was 6 years in Pattaya without income !! and this time i stay here 7 months without income, forever is impossible under age 50 ( me )

Who_shot_the_sherrif says:

Another boring video Charlie ???
I hope to god there is no part 3 !!!
You need to get out of Pattaya and explore more instead of same old stuff.

cloudtoground says:

Looks OK, but would be better if you didn't have to worry about the spray. I think Kev (in Thailand) was stuck in a big jam (where he wasn't moving) after the fireworks.

You Are Dead says:

Charlie, I love your vids, and you've provided me with nearly a year of entertainment. So thank you. That being said: you may want to re-think your business model. So many dislikes and thumbs-down on your recent vids. And so may comments explaining why. I'm not here to judge man (still super jealous of your lifestyle), just trying to be helpful. Most of us (I think) like the vids where you talk to people, show us interesting things about food and lifestyle, and do not include Walking St. I hope you are well and your 2018 is the best one yet.

Lockbar says:

8:15 Screw walking street, me and those two girls would be partying somewhere else for two days straight…….

wassup fatboy says:

Hope this spraying foam thing don't catch on.
Can you imagine the shitstorm if a couple of dudes were to do a stealth creepy uppy on the Hideaway Bar and blitz the wed night meet up guys. Or how would fatboy Twitchy cope if someone emptied a whole can of it right in his kisser!
As for the vlog itself… just a 7/10 from me, and a 'Like'.

Jeff D says:

looks fun but i wouldnt like all the spraying myself…..

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