Pattaya Nightlife 2018 – Walking Street Bars Night Rolling Live | Travel Living Thailand

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Pattaya Nightlife 2018 – Walking Street Bars Night Rolling Live | Travel Living Thailand


Rocky Scorpionking says:

Where i can find this bar…Please give me name & Address.

Dave Murray says:

Loved it ! Can these girls speak english enough to hold a conversation ?

Brummie Brink says:

great video again Food Travel 101

Andrei Nein says:

coyote = 1000, normal = 300? what does coyote/normal mean?

Rogue Male says:

They are good at bar games because, sometimes they cheat.
Flippet is one where they'll quickly flip a wooden wedge while, you're looking away. If they don't win-the quick repoire will be enough for them to get a LD.
The games are best avoided-drink alone with the other western introverts.
BYW,I'm one of those introverts-trust no one there.

Abodawood Alsadi says:

دقيقة 4.45

Anu Mathew says:

Hi how much is the ST and LT rate for the one which you were talking too?

Chaotic FiveK says:

the girl you were talking to was very cute, i cringed when you asked her if she was girl or boy although it is a question i would want to ask if it was me there haha nice video 🙂

ginrehst aprehs says:

you should talk with freelancers and put them on your videos.

Gregory Fortner says:

I like the hot sexy women shaking their butts.

smuge123 says:

how long you been in pattaya? and you cant tell the difference between a ladyboy and and lady ? lol

buya shaka says:

One Ladydrink costs 35 Euro in Germany = 1400 Baht … 180 Baht is nothing

EvilSecondTwin says:

I was annoyed from the bitch music in the beginning but when I heard your voice, it all made sense.

Manu D. says:

no i dont wanna buy you a drink. strong answer but the truth. hahaha

Rohit Kathuria says:

Hi I’m going to Pattaya next month. So tell me from where I get the good girls

Carlos Velez says:

Looks like a really nice bar with some cute girls that work there.  Will have to check it out on my next trip to pattaya.

MrCoors68 says:

Mae works there ! that's Sean's old GF…. wow a dancer now ????? never would have thought it….

F.A C.T says:

May i know whats the name of the bar?

Parrales Fernandez says:


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