Pattaya Nightlife 2016 – VLOG 46

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Pattaya Nightlife VLOG_46 (Walking Street, Soi 6, 7 and 8!) – p1

The video starts on Soi 6, then Soi 7, Soi 8 and finally on to Walking street. This video was taken in February 2016, and is the first of 2 parts (the second half will be released shortly and includes a lot of nightclub action).

Feel free to skip around the video, the parts are:

Soi 6 0:00
Soi 7 2:27
Soi 8 3:52
Walking street 7:21

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Prince Cosmos says:

where is the best place t find farm fresh girls

ShorePenner Stefan says:

the icecream guy is a boss 😀

Zaid Khan says:

so beutyfull n sweet girl s

ข่าวญี่ปุ่น says:

You can buy cheap bithc 11:22

TheWildbill247 says:

Nipple slip at 11.13 enjoy 😉

Sawan Patel says:

Im going there this summer

pratama Pratama CHANNEL says:

i like pattayA..amazing

AdviceColumn says:

I'm pretty sure one of those girls is a mannequin!

waquzy says:

9:27 – Steve Jobs

rendy pulungan says:


Andreas Schulz says:

amazing girls there! girls please mail to me.

Phantom Photography says:

Dude at :43 is running for mayor in the town i live in… wtf

osamu tanaka says:

in pattaya, so many white dudes above 50.
not for youngs.

Edward Coronel says:

what a way to make a living

rtl2002 says:

11:23 smart move bud, I'd go inside too.

Mark Morse says:

11:22 What are those tag things on their wrists?

بدر الغامدي says:

what is name this street

RynTynTyn says:

the ending was so funny….eveerything look's awesome but i fell bad for all the girls that have to do all that in the night…maybe i am a hypocrite and don't know but its just …tough life

Bowhunter320 says:

Im booking a flight tonight!!!!

nikki kiki says:

06:11 gtr ,lambirghini gallardo

Daniel Distribuidora de Água Mineral says:

are beautiful these girls , a visit to her would be great

Fiqih Pratama Putra says:

when i was in pattaya im in the bar and i find a hot pros and then i ask her to */#% with me and then when i and her in room she say she is trans, fuckkk i got tricket i lost my 1000 bats for nothing , theres a lots of beautyful guy there carefull

Tekeoğlu says:


gelson tt says:

this Thai that the video in 10 minutes and 38 seconds from the right side with menus in hand, is the most beautiful tailandeza have ever seen, I'm in love, what is it? knows? thanks for the video

Aleksey Aleksey says:

the heaven of trannies…

AnderssonArad says:

how i wish … i wish i was there 4:33

Lucifer Morningstar says:

Wow the girl at 11:14 long dark hair awesome.

D El says:

Все девушки которые танцуют у входа походу проститутки

Ernie Perez says:

You can see the same scammers trying to promote Pussy Ping Pong, they are always holding the white A4 Cards. Please do not approach or attempt to be lured into their scam den. The scam starts as soon as you walk upstairs to an un-named establishment and forced to buy a beer and when you leave you are forced to pay up to 5000 baht for a couple of drinks. This has been going on for years and the Tourist Police or Pattaya Police or the fake Cityhall Officers are all committed to the scam. This scam is run in all major cities in Thailand and is run by a mafia syndicate. People have been seriously hurt also for taking a stand and will hold you to ransome in their establishment until you get bailed out with an agreed sum. Dont beleave their price list cause it a scam. If you want to see pussy ping pong the real shows, you need to book tickets through a proper agent and cost 1000baht.

Me lih says:

what are they doing in sky fall?

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