Pattaya Night Walk With Girls – Vlog 174

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Pattaya Night Walk With Girls – Vlog 174

Sights and sounds from a walk up the most famous street in Pattaya from March 2017. This video was heavily delayed due to ad problems on YouTube, nearly fully caught up now…

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Parts of this video include:
0:04 Start
1:10 Taboo
1:25 Skyfall
3:11 Moulin Rouge
3:47 Soi 15 alley
4:50 Airport Club
5:47 Freelancers getting ID’d at Muzzik Cafe
6:02 Palace
7:31 Pier Disco
9:28 African freelancer place
10:30 ibar and insomnia
11:06 Chilling with a cold one
13:43 Russian karaoke
14:00 Popular Indian club
14:31 Outro

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Jacques Paré says:


Ker erk says:

10:00 Türkiye Ankara havası pavyoncu 😀

Александр Смирнов says:

супер дискотека ..

Vivek Kumar says:

There are many indians in this video

kelvey08 says:

what does freelancers mean?

Jon Reeves says:

I keep seeing the Russian Gentleman's club can you pay them a bar fine to them to hook up with the girls like the other club's in Thailand?

John Santo says:

I need some of that girl action.

Nganba meetei says:

indians indians everywhere……

Renjith Cm says:

Beautiful life

Kanti, Rampariya says:

વધુ જાણવા અહીં જ કરી શકાય છે પરંતુ

Kirby channel says:

The girls dressed so sexy I like

MrPidgeonpoo says:

I was told by a friend to get an older girl with experience rather than a younger girl…. and just close your eyes. Is this good advice or are the younger ones very good. Or do they just lay there like a sack of potatoes?

Jus Badd says:

Great videos thanks

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