Pattaya New Years Eve 2018 – Walking Street after midnight…

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Pattaya New Years Eve 2018 – Walking Street after midnight… Vlog 213

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A video showing the last part of a night out on New Years Eve in Pattaya, Thailand. After spending last years new years eve party in Bangkok I decided to head down to Pattaya for the night. It was extra busy due to regular Thai people attending the free Thai music concerts at Bali Hai Pier.

Parts of this video include:

0:04 Countdown to midnight
0:58 Fireworks at midnight
3:11 Simon Beer Bar Complex 2
4:26 People spraying fake snow
6:23 Heading to Peppermint Agogo
9:49 Pier Disco revelry
11:05 Soi 15 gogo bar alley
11:24 4am Marine Disco entrance
12:37 Outside ibar and insomnia
14:24 Guy in trouble with the police
15:22 Guy fast asleep at a bar 🙂
16:50 Passing the JP freelancer bar
17:42 Mototaxi home
18:04 Outro

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1st song
Late June – Where Are U Now

2nd song
Tomove – Termite Infested White Picket Fence

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Thanks for watching and have a great day! 🙂

Christopher Poulton says:

Hope the all got crabs

Paul B says:

Love your videos B112 but must admit Songkran Xmas and New Years are total nonos for me to visit Thailand ,

John Paul van der Laan says:

Hope to see new good videos again this year bangkok112..why east european/russian are very expensive in Thailand while in europe they are cheap?

mrmongo673 says:

You will sleep for a week after that crazy night, and I agree that the full moon made it even crazier!

Bo Rock Jensen says:

Insomnia + I-Bar sucks big time = Mafia

DON 1 says:

FFS Walking St Resembled New Delhi, pity they don,t buy a Few Cans of Deodorant so Quickly…………….Seen many of these Indian guys holding hands over the years, odd Bunch that is a Fact.

DON 1 says:

Silly String should be Banned, load of Bollox………… have a good time enjoy but buying a dozen cans of that shit and acting 8 if pathetic.

Xenobyte says:

please tell me the music that start at 15:40


used to love pattaya in the old days, cant think of anything worse than getting sprayed by a load of dick head indians and arabs, nightmare , place is finished

John Bird says:

not exactly a blue pill paradise…LOL

El Fish Knows says:

13:15 oh my god. She's built for nasty sexin. Thick AF.


7:29 türk bayrağı ve istanbul kebab 😀 as as as

Gary Palmer says:

Great video..just so glad I stayed in at view talay 6 to watch the much for me 😂

IKnowYouKnow says:

Another great video. Enterprising trannies charging $3 for a photo, eh? Good to see.

sean sims says:

If you look closely enough you can see me standing at the end of the pier with my hands in the air !

Sabik Chandra says:

nice video………do a review on lk mansion……how will the crowd be in the 3rd week of Jan?

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