Pattaya Massage with EXTRAS 2018 – Soi Honey Soi 11| Nightlife in Thailand

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Pattaya Massage with EXTRAS 2018 – Soi Honey Soi 11| Nightlife in Thailand


Puneet Kumar says:

Bhai ap Thailand se ho Nd apko Thailand ki kuch knowledge hai kuch kam hai

Brandon Lee says:

Love the scene from GoT where he gets eaten alive by his very own dogs! Karma is a bitch… and then they eat you alive!

Christer Stefansson says:

Stop copy Bangkok 112

Chronux says:

Do any of the massage parlours do BBBJ?

Fuck HJ and not interested in sex.. i'm all about getting my dick sucked. I wouldnt mind massage and blowjob

SweetGuy says:

Nice video. love it !!!

Capt Crunch says:

Killer Body at 3:43

Rong Chen says:

russian girls are too old

1CBRDUDE says:

All Russian girls are crazy euro trash.

Abodawood Alsadi says:

Go to Arab area and see the pretty girls there ,, take good pic

Rogue Male says:

Many thanks for the info on massages-some of us don't want the hooker-cum-girlfriend option.

Видеоуроки PHP says:

background music name pls?

jaymeez says:

The girl you referred to as a bomb… Man she would be RICH in California!!

Joachim Freudhöfer says:

Travell to Thailand to meet russian girls is very stupid.

Mustafa Ali says:

The bar you went must be "UP TO YOU BAR" …. right? Ha ha ha…… just kidding 🙂

damien john says:

5 weeks to go until I'm back in Pattaya…….I think I'll start packing.

Parrales Fernandez says:

They're people of the highest social standing.

vivek goud says:

Waiting for racist comments to start

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