Pattaya Lek Hotel Morning buffet breakfast. European & Thai cuisine. only 150 Baht.

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Definitely a place to visit for an inexpensive buffet style breakfast.
The Lek Hotel in Pattaya is a great place with the breakfast being served from 7am. you can also find a Lek Hotel on the main Naklua rd that does the same deal. so sit back and enjoy the movie. please subscribe to see more videos.

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South EastWood says:

My dad told me about the Lek Hotel breakfasts after watching Geoff's video and for probably the past 18 months or so i've​ been having my breaky at the Lek at least 4-5 times per week.
I tend to eat between 7-8am, it's quiet and relaxing and the open design to and around the pool area is nice.
For a breakfast buffet the selection of food is definitely the best I've​ come across in the 8 years of staying in Pattaya and bang for buck you would be pushed to find better.
Thanks for the video Geoff, without it I would probably of never known about this hidden gem 👍👍👍👍

Nilesh Shah says:

Close at what time. ?

dee max says:

geoffs vids are great but LEK buffet is not so good, cold food , but i will say its better than apaex buffet…only good for fat bastards 😉

Fred Azbell says:

Lek Hotel….good choice.

gk10002000 says:

the Lek is an OK hotel. Mid to low range. Always was clean. A great location. The pool is not much, and historically hard to get a lounge chair. Used to be a big issue with germans putting towels down like the night before to reserve the lounge chairs. I had some great Christmas dinners there. Sitting out in the open air eating a fine dinner buffet when it was cold and snowing back home felt good. Quite relaxing.

Gideon Neftaliem says:

I stayed at lek hotel yeears ago . I still remember the room # 601 cause I had good time there …

HAMAD A says:

I'm getting there right now . thanks

BK G says:

I will give this place a try my next trip, I stay right up the street at BayBreeze Hotel on Soi 11.

ashian singh says:

lov ur energy man u such inspiration to be energetic n happy

Bobby Crush says:

I tried it and it was a load of rubbish. Youre better off at Casa Pascal, just opposite the Amari Hotel on 2nd Road. it's 250 baht and it's spot on.

Takashi says:

wow is it still 150 baht? almost 3 years later?

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