Pattaya in The Daytime

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Scenes from around the city of Pattaya Thailand during the daytime.


The Man says:

You got a cute girlfriend Thailand Red!

rustler says:

He speaks English but it sounds like Arabic or Israeli or French .

Mike Chonburi says:

Red, your girlfriend is voluptuous. Where did you meet her?

Large Ball says:

Your GF is beautiful, total babe.

John Echterhoff says:

Please film/record all upcoming thunderstorms during night and day. TIA!

scott Colorado says:

Did she say what the hell lol

Saltlakrits says:

I love these videos

Paul Sinnott says:

Great vlog 👍

Brummie Brink says:

great video Thailand Red

ricuman says:

"How much for same same?" Jesus stop being an idiot tourist

Varuna Sagar says:

I couldn't find any sunset. It was dark and gloomy. Faces of people slightly obscured by fading light.

EvilSecondTwin says:

Great stuff, Red.

jaymeez says:

Street Vendor was beautiful! Where is her stall located? I need a chocolate crepe! 👍

Paul Zeus says:

I wonder how many loads get popped on that rub n tug street Soi GuylovesPoon each day?

Paul Zeus says:

the girls are hardly beautiful, fuckable, friendly, many for hire, yes, but beautiful? Nahh, you guys are stretching it in the comments, confusing beauty with a chick that will blow you, unlike in the west where nobody gets laid!


At 2:00, the Thai pancake lady is truly beautiful. Good catch there.

Anon Ymous says:

08:30 yeah nothing says romance like an Indian gangbang……


some proper thai dregs in this film..

özer turmuş says:

oww pregnant .. supper

John Kevin says:

I love Thailand!

Sobhy Ahmed says:

Excellence video 👍👏👏🌹 /Hi Looks so good👍🏻😋🌷🌷💕❤️/Fantastic video!! Great job my friend!! 🙂 I just subscribed / New subscriber, LOVE your channel so far. This was a fantastic video, جميل جدا
Ⓢ Ⓤ Ⓟ Ⓔ Ⓡ awesome video👌 ♥ i really like! Big Thumbs Up 👍 👍👍

jay betson says:

The food stand girl is a cutie! Nom nom nom!

Tish Man says:

Another masterwork T-Red, loved it!

Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

I like this format of mixing different things into the video.

GooseHunter says:

Excellent video again Thailand Red,… cute girl friend, really enjoy you're videos Thanks,

Kenneth Torres says:

$20 la noche en él hotel? 😯

DB Cooper says:

Your girlfriend is gorgeous!

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