Pattaya in the daytime – Vlog 190

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Pattaya in the daytime – the low season – Vlog 190

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A video of the daytime in Pattaya, Thailand. All shot in the low season with hardly any customers around.

NB: This video is a reupload due to technical issues…

Parts of this video include:
0:04 Soi 13/4, plenty of motorbikes to rent
1:19 Pattaya Beach
3:20 Waterfront Suites condominium nightmare
4:54 Penthouse Hotel Reception
5:42 Thai Bikini Mafia Calendar (for more info see:
8:39 Motorbike taxi to Areca Lodge
11:00 Areca Lodge check in and look around
14:34 Outro

Additional notes:

The low tourist season in Thailand runs from May to October, and this coincides with the rainy season too.

After doing a bit more research I found out that apparently the raw sewage in Pattaya City is all pumped into the sea 300 meters offshore at 3 points: Walking Street, Soi 6 and North Pattaya.

Many of the Thai Bikini Mafia calendar ladies work at Sapphire bar, on Walking Street Soi 15 alley. They have a new 2018 calendar coming out soon…

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1st song
Marvel83′ – Every Evening

2nd song
Conor McGregor Auto-Tune Trap Remix

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This is a reupload of a previous video which happens from time to time…

Thanks for watching and have a great day 🙂

andrew ealam says:

I was there end of September  2017 and all that Rubbish in the Sea was from Storms on Bamboo ,Monkey and Koh Larn Islands and Blown off the Massive Rubbish Dump on Koh Larn cos  the sea was too Rough for the Garbage Boats

Minot Vernot says:

Where are the ugliest girls in the world? … in India and Thailand

kauhanen99 says:

nice video 😃, like alot that calender 😁

Geoffrey W says:

I always stay at Areca Lodge when I visit Pattaya as its hard to beat for value and location, this brought back memories for me. Is it still guest friendly?

Fabio C Villaquiran Jr says:

This is much better than those cheesy-ass tour videos!

K. LaBorde says:

I swear I remember this, so its a repost of last year?

Harri Humala says:


Dwayne Midson says:

At 7:47 is it true that the 2 entrances, 1 for Kitten Club and 1 for Obsessions go into the same place?

Wen Terry says:,this damn fan page stole your video on their website and said that is their video.

IKnowYouKnow says:

Can imagine Russian women, with their heaving, oiled breasts, lounging poolside. Areca looks good. Will keep that one in mind.

Ash Pangster says:

Genuinely fishing mate. Catching shell fish. We do it in India too.

Paul B says:

didnt win the lottery again this weekend , back to hoping watchibg your vids 5555

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