Pattaya in the daytime – the low season

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Pattaya in the daytime – the low season – Vlog 195

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A video of the daytime in Pattaya, Thailand. All shot in the low season with hardly any customers around.

Parts of this video include:
0:04 March Hotel
0:50 Pattaya Klang 16 Alley walk
3:26 Central Pattaya road with some fruit options (mango and red dragon fruit were my first choices)
5:58 Soi Buakhao North End
6:59 Taking the baht bus along Soi Buakhao
9:00 Soi Lengkee, a look at some cheap hotels and some restaurants
10:49 Retox bar, trying the cheapest and best value Full English Breakfast in Pattaya. 99 baht = $3.00
12:37 Soi Chaiyapoon
14:42 Mototaxi from Soi Honey to March hotel
18:05 Outro

Additional notes:

The low tourist season in Thailand runs from May to October, and this coincides with the rainy season too.

– Cheap accommodation on Soi Lengkee and the Soi Buakhao area, rooms from around 400 baht ($12) a night

I generally don’t recommend the small guesthouses above bars and restaurants in this area, and with good reason. If your room is above a bar with ladies downstairs then coming and going with other lady friends can be problematic as the girls can get very bitchy and it’s not worth the hassle believe me. Also, in general these small guesthouses aren’t as safe as regular hotels, the possibility of having your valuables stolen is much higher than in an established hotel with 100s of tripadvisor reviews.

It’s much better to pay a bit more and stay in a hotel such as March hotel. You can come and go with your different lady friends without any hassle and have more peace of mind with your belongings.

The Retox baht buster breakfast

This Full English breakfast costs 99 baht ($3) and is served from 8am-4pm.

They sell over 100 of these breakfasts every day and it’s easy to see why: good quality ingredients at almost unbeatable value. I’ve sampled the baht buster a handful of times now and it’s consistently good. Worth a look if you’re on a budget and in need of a hangover cure…

Soi Chaiyapoon

This tired looking street full of potholes has a lot of cheap ma.ssage parlours offering happy endings and full service. There are a few bars along it too, along with some guesthouses and restaurants. When Soi 6 on beach road eventually closes this street will probably become it’s replacement…

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Thanks for watching and have a great day!

john farr says:

Nice vid – many thanks! Pattaya certainly looks busier than when I was there last (about 5 years ago)

Nirzhor Nizo says:

When actually the low season?

David Okanagan says:

At 13:10 lady boy.

Bossix84 says:

99c for all that food ? It's crazy cheap man !

The Peregrine Falcon says:

i really couldnt i thought i was tough but to put in a sewer…

The Vortex Of Doom says:

I live like a 2 hour plane ride or less away, wifey is not having it. 😞 I'm sure it's glorious.

Sir Lancelot says:

Shithole full of peverts

Ken Gibbens says:

Wtf is a pattaya

deuces roxy says:

So much better than cheap Charlies creepy ass.

beebeer54 says:

You left your black pudding, sacrilege!

gary stephens says:

What a shithole 50 bht per mango ? In the real Thailand you can get 3 yellow mangoes for that

Chew Chew Train says:

Thanks for the virtual-vacation! With no narration it's like being there.

Shinethelight says:

I would stay in the hotel right by the noisy party bar at least one night. That's how Las Vegas used to be party until 4 am, pass out in your room with the window open while you still hear other people partying and music playing.

Tony Sukhanov says:

It looks like Dante's Inferno  "'Abandon hope all ye who enter here"

Tony Sukhanov says:

dirty city for dirty tourists

Tony Sukhanov says:

cheap charlies cheap girls cheap food – horrible cheap lifestyle

Tony Sukhanov says:

everything cheap everybody cheap,  disgusting !

Robert G says:

Great video. Keep up the excellent work

David Johnson says:

Another over-populated shithole

Jeff D says:

More WTF moments please, thanks

Roswall says:

wow bitcoin….

ILMatt says:

WOW! I really love this style of video. It makes me feel like I know what it would be like to actually be there.

John Kang says:

humanity restored 12:42 that old man is taking care of that poor girl

Geoffrey W says:

Thank's for the trip down memory lane, I visited most of those areas the last time I was there and can't wait to return. 13:09 is definitely a ladyboy, she has all the obvious signs and her third or ring finger is longer than her index finger as in a man's hand, but she is so hot. 11:42 you didn't eat your black pudding or finish all of your eggs haha. I remember well the pot holes in Soi Chaiyapoon, especially at night after it had been raining; great video.

Hakan Yucel says:

How long is "the low season" ? THX to your Video, love all them!

stateniland says:

how much is a slut for a whole day?

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