Pattaya Hotel — Sweet Dream Guesthouse $13-$17/Night — Soi Buakhao

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This hotel is just off of Soi Buakhao on a small side street, very near Soi Honey. The hotel runs perpendicular to the big Ganesh statue that overlooks this part of Buakhao. The location of this hotel is quite good right in the middle stretch of Buakhao not far from places like Soi LK Metro, Soi Leng Kee, Soi Made In Thailand, the night market, etc. You can take a baht bus in either direction.

The rooms range from 400-600 baht per night. At the time this video was made the cheaper rooms were sold out and I showed a 600 baht room. The rooms looked basic but clean.

This was filmed back in Dec 2017 so prices could have changed since then.


Franco V says:

The front desk girl was more attractive to me than most of the women on walking street.
Note to self, if I ever go to pattaya… bring my own sheets and a can of lysol.

Scottay says:

Are you from Thailand? Huh huh…OK…huh huh…

Ove Vovve says:

If i am not misstaken that was a swedish guesthouse before named La Chiquita.

A Twogun says:

Are you from Thailand? Yes. Ha..ha..ha…hahahha….ha….ha….uh….errr

bukva1231 says:

Slovenian flag! Mr. Bogdan is obviously from Slovenia 🙂 nice

TopBunter says:

I've stayed in better garden sheds

scott stensrude says:

Hey Charlie, did you get the big fight between a bunch of foreigners on video on walking street?…. if you missed it you can see it on Thai visa pattaya News

Antonio Socías Carrillo says:

If you need a hotel per hours, there is a much better option and even cheapper: The Full Love Inn
Rates are 225 THB/hour or 560 per day and much more beautiful.

Who_shot_the_sherrif says:

Are you from Thailand ??? You ask the girl with a nervous love that’s so funny 🤣 of course she is from Thailand cheap Charlie !!!
Haha good video though.

alan says:

Hi charlie could you please do a review on harmony inn its on Thap Phraya Soi. 7, Nongprue, Bang Lamung 20260 its a budget hotel but cant find no reviews, they have 3 log cabins on top of the roof what look amazing thanks. love you vids 🙂

Antonio Socías Carrillo says:

If that is the 600 thb room, I don't want to imagine the 400 thb room.
For that price you have plenty of good hotels in that zone, even with swimming pool, like D-apartment, or LK-mansion.

MrLolligagger says:

What no obligatory safety box question?

mralfiebob says:

I appreciate you taking the time to review these places, but I for one would not like to spend my holiday in a ST hotel, would be noisy as hell I could imagine. And looking close, it looked dirty and unkempt. The desk girl looked OK though lol.

tombonaventure says:

What a life Charlie!

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