Pattaya Hotel – Single Man’s Paradise (very cheap!!!)

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Pattaya Hotel – Single Man’s Paradise (very cheap!!!)

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March Hotel in central Pattaya is a very good option with rooms from around 800-1300 baht ($25-40). This is a video from when I stayed there and it documents the room, the facilities and the surrounding area.

I call March hotel a ‘Single Man’s Paradise’ as when I stayed there the only other guests were single guys. One night I glanced at the blue Thai IDs at the reception left by working girls and was amazed at how many there were (almost every guy had a lady at this hotel!).

Speaking with fellow guests, everyone was happy with the room, facilities and quietness of the hotel, but the only gripe was the location requires a 3 minute walk to second road or Pattaya Central road. This accounts for the relatively cheap price of the rooms, and maybe it is not ideal for Pattaya newbies.

NB: When booking this hotel you need to go through agoda for the best prices. The walk in rate is around 1600 baht ($48), I tried to extend my stay direct and staff said use agoda for the best deals. Please consider booking through the agoda links on at no extra cost to yourself.

Parts of this video include:

0:04 Outside the hotel and map location
0:16 Premier Deluxe room – 996 baht ($30) booked through agoda
2:33 Bathroom
3:54 Last look at the room
5:56 Hotel facilities and surrounding area
7:16 Room service
7:40 Balcony views
9:11 Outro

Additional notes:

Disclaimer: Bangkok 112 is 100% independent and has never done (and never will do) any paid promotions. If any of the info provided is useful to you then please consider booking your hotels through the links on at no extra cost.

The good, the bad and the ugly:

The good:
Clean, modern room
Quiet in the day and night
Nice big balcony (note: double rooms face the sea front, twin rooms face the back)
Excellent deals to be had through agoda
Hotel shares the same management as April and August Suites (you’re in good hands)
Has a swimming pool, gym and sauna (not all 3-star hotels have these)
Cheap beer prices and nice food from room service

Bad things:
Room service finishes relatively early at 5pm
No tea or coffee provided (but there is a kettle and cups)
No 7-Eleven/Family mart on the doorstep, but there is a local convenience store on the corner
The big vacant plot of land in front will eventually be developed, possibly in mid 2018?

The Ugly:
Location is 3 minute walk down single track alleys, not good for Pattaya newbies.

Overall: I liked the March hotel and extended my stay when I was last in Pattaya. I wouldn’t hesitate to book in again as it ticked a lot of the boxes I look for. The only main negative was the location with the alleyway walk. April Suites and August Suites hotels are also managed by the same company and they are good choices also in Central Pattaya.

I especially enjoyed chilling on the large balcony in the afternoon sun, while getting cold singha beers delivered for 60 baht a bottle. The room service food was above my expectations, and the gym and pool area were also good.

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Thanks for watching and have a great day!

Dee mix says:

Have you seen recent news reports on hotel guests boiling dirty underwear in the room kettles? This makes way for unsanitary, disgusting interior coffee pot. It's apparently very common worldwide so I personally would not deduct points on anything related to hotel coffee and tea pt arrangements but.. that's just me 🙂

A RaysFan says:

I like a hotel with a nice walk-in shower, good towels and no Chinese tour buses 555!

Jobber says:

Nice place, but i fear pile drivers, jack hammers and tile cutters will be moving next door very shortly

rashish behal says:

Thanks brother…

Rich Greene says:

Love your choice of music. Where did you obtain this one? Name?

Nomadic says:

A little pricey but nice. I'd stay there.

dozzer1813 says:

silly question but do you offer tours? i want to go but i"m new to traveling

hassan javed says:

this is not very splendid .i have seen miracle hotel in pattaya. that is the wonderful hotel in pattaya

Ian Gardiner says:

who is the artist for the piano jazz music? It starts at 4:18. I enjoy your videos, and appreciate the effort you put into them. Thanks!

Franco V says:

Beautiful job making his hotel review, 5 star vid of 3 star hotel.😊

Daniel D says:

hotel toothbrush for visitor

Basil Brush says:

Looks class👍

LacViet says:

March Suites is owned by the same owner as April and August suites, all great hotels.

Ramsey Wee says:

Hi bro , thanks for sharing a fantastic room &. Hotel .I been following all your videos and I notice you always like tossing the small pillows on the sofa lol .

jack clifford says:

The best at the hotel review

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