Pattaya Hotel on Soi LK Metro $17 Night — Friendly Staff

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This hotel is located at the corner of Soi LK Metro and Soi Buakhao, a very popular nightlife area in Pattaya. Rooms are $17 per night if you book in person or can be a bit cheaper on Agoda website. There are many similar hotels in this area, perhaps hundreds. Every shop house has a hotel and guesthouse in this area.

The downside of this hotel is the noise from surrounding bars, pretty loud until 3 AM. However if you are a night owl as many people are in Pattaya then you should be okay as music will die down then.

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Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

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elmario says:

Whats the name of this guest house?

Curtis Jennings says:

ur the fuckn man

Ercan Kilic says:


Casual Kiddo says:

She's fine 32 I'm there

Tim Rice says:

Creeper…. nice ass though

Kevy Kev says:

Wow she looked young 😨😨 I thought she was at least 20

Dan Patterson says:

Charlie if you had any game you could get laid from half the broads you talk to

MGTOW 101 says:

Very pretty girl. I defiantly would enjoy my stay there. 1:19 especially.

S Tang says:

$600 Balt l…is that per week or month?
I plan to visit Bangkok and other places there next year…need to know good price on hotel, restaurants, attractions, etc.

Bhagyesh Kale says:

Do these girls really do FZUN if paid?

A RaysFan says:

wonder how many guys after watching this video went there and bar-fined the cashier… probably already has 2 sponsors by now 555!

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