Pattaya hotel on Soi 6 from $20

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Pattaya hotel on Soi 6 – cheap and clean guesthouse from $20 on the famous red light street.
Lagune Guesthouse opposite Chili Bar and near Rubi Club. Nice rooms with free Wi-fi from 600 to 1200 baht. I paid 1100 THB room with balcony over Soi 6 in low season.
You can book it on the hotel
0:55 Siam@Siam Rooftop bar and infinity pool

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gk10002000 says:

You know, now that soi 6 is shutting down early at night and opening up later at night, this could be an OK place to stay

Jay Kay says:

Hey there very important question for you. Are the hotels on soi 6 loud? Can you hear the noise from the road there at night?

Tom Rivas says:

Hey great video. Can you send me a link how to book this place. I can't find any info online. Thank you so much!

Brummie Brink says:

great video pattayahelper. Looks very good the questhouse. You can good sleep at night? Easy to take a girl to your room?
Ladies not jalous if you take not lady from the bar under the rooms from questhouse.

Sloom3008 Alkhteri says:

Name of the hotel buddy ??

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