Pattaya Hotel Midrange $30/Night + Soi Honey Walk

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This located is on Soi Honey Street in Pattaya, Thailand. The hotel includes free buffet breakfast at a next door restaurant as part of the price. The rooms looked comfortable and well furnished. It sits in a very central location in Pattaya, so for people who want to be in the middle of town and get free breakfast with decent comfort it could be a good option.


Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

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Bfrnk Ng says:

u have grt voice

Brock Jensen says:

When will we ever see Charlie’s face?

acajudi100 says:

Thank you.

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Mohamed Maideen says:

Thank you for showing Indian restaurant in this video👍

Suhadakrishan Cooray says:

I like this hotel if we come how I contact this hotel pls give me addres and contact no

santosh gupta says:

How much boking price hotel 5 days

mr binazzou says:

is it guest friendly hotel ?

fredytube77 says:

very informative video, thanks charlie

H 8888 says:


KeokiNHawaii says:

Can you tell me if this hotel is guest friendly?

Reji Reji says:

Name of the hotel

Jaleel K says:


marvelv212 says:

Hey Charlie you should go for the maid.

Phillip R says:

Charlie any chance to do The Penthouse Soi13/1 and show around that street and street behind it .. mean allot as first place stayed many many many years ago

Phillip R says:

please ask always if guest friendly

SuperBlueboy61 says:

The owner of this place ,owns the soapy massage opp…….

Randy W Horton says:

Why don't talk funny? Just speak normal dude…

andrew ealam says:

No Smoking sign on top of  Ashtray only in Thailand

Scott Bixler says:

I like the small business based economy over there making for fair market prices and personal service unlike our corporate oriented expensive economy back home. As long you're not facing a coup or civil war, it's really a nice place to live, play, and work in English teaching. I was there last time in May 2014 with an aim to teach there after I was finished up in Korea, but got spooked out by the coup thinking was going to be start of a full geopolitical destabilization. Instead of civil war, the military took over with junta rule to ensure stuff like malls burning and violence didn't rule the day like was becoming problematic. I regretted hastily retreating back to America burning through my savings inside of 3 months since rooms are very expensive and jobs not so easy to get but only pay about $10/hour about like over there with teaching. Thailand really needed democracy to live up to it's name and what they people wish, instead of fraudsters causing insecurities like that one that ran off from the law last Friday. Still would go…

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