Pattaya Hotel / LK Metropole 1day/765++thb

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Pattaya Hotel
LK Mtropole (Junior Wing) 1night/765 ++ Thb



The Fonz says:

Clearly says JUNIOR WING on the booking site denoting that it's in the other wing of the hotel not the main one, I don't know why that's so confusing to you.

Brummie Brink says:

Great video, Bangkok69

chandler bing bong says:

2:05 that's an awesome rate for areca. Just goes to show the bargains you can get by walking in off the street. internet is not always the cheapest rate

Paul B says:

proper mongering digs there B69 always enjoy your vids

Boring Man DAI 退屈なおっさん says:


Ian Royle says:

Would like to of gone thru the reception and entry to the pool . Very Art Deco I like it.

andrew ealam says:

It looks to me as if they have Renovated the Main hotel and used all the furniture from there and Tarted up some Random Annex and advertise them Cheap maybe to Attract Indians away from main Building as they do make Pattaya look UNTIDY.

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