Pattaya Hotel — George + Dragon Guesthouse and Bar $13-$17/Night CHEAP!

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In the City of 3,000 Bars and Hotels, George the Dragon Hotel is located on Soi 13/1, also known as Soi Yamato. It is a very pleasant guesthouse and bar with friendly staff. You can see more about that street in a previous video I did:


Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

This video was part of four videos from one night:
Sean Video + Mae Update:
Young Man Tries to Steal Sean's Girl:
Another Video Coming Tomorrow

Daniel Dotlinger says:

600 for that is a joke. Should be 200 its a dump

Ercan Kilic says:

if i was really horny i would boom boom with her , i mean why not.

yanis ferrache says:

I want to lick the lady ass with the blue jean shorty

Sails says:

CC lives in the middle east…… an area behind the IT mall. Good food down there but expensive. A short walk to soi B. Keep working on the flirting CC.

CF Moto Z8 says:

Hey Charlie u want Boom Boom Mama san? How much?😁😁😁😁😁👍

eric thefathead says:

charlie's hotel room tours are getting sleazy. LOL

Al Jenkins says:

Get a life for Christ sake, wtf am I watching this for

cheeseburger 510 says:

dang that room is bang bang horrible

Lockbar says:

The room sucks, but I would boom boom mamma-san just for fun, as long as the other girls there watch.

Teo Kah Wei says:

They are drunk?

Norbu says:

Charlie applying what he learnt from Bond! great!

river hyett says:

Are they working girls

Da Mobb says:

when are gonna show the cheapest place to get vodka or whiskey.

Jani Luckarin says:

700 batia for beer :s

Edward White says:

with lipstick that heavy, she boom boom.

Home Runner says:

MommaSun and her friend seem nice.

rowan 3 says:

That's one fucked up looking hotel. How many drinks did you have before making this video, Charlie? LOL

Jim C. says:

*This was very entertaining. Mamasan thought you were hitting on her. I WOULD hit on her. I'm older than her (by a lot),
and I'm just thinking how safe it would be…no condom.*

Jim C. says:

42K…can you believe it? You must be doing something right. Good for you!

PathfinderDave1 says:

That's much better banter with the girls Charlie. Much more entertaining than the awkward chuckles of the past. I think the relaxed confidence approach is a better fit for you. And that's definitely a boom boom room.

Benoit Levesque says:

Boom boom ok ? 😆😆

phillydawg1313 says:

Dude I like your videos so not complaining about you personally. But for pete's sake get a better f*in camera or a Gimbal or something? The way you swing that camera around literally triggers a Migraine so I rarely watch.

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