Pattaya Hotel – from only $20.50

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Pattaya Hotel R-Con @ Siam – from $20.50

Overall this is one of my favourite hotels in Pattaya and in one of the best locations (for me). It was quiet and I slept very well every night and would recommend this place to solo travellers. For more info and booking (I was quoted just 715 baht a night in August 2016 booking a couple of weeks in advance which translates to $20.50)

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Additional info:

The R-con@siam Hotel located on Soi Buakhao, this visit was in October 2015.

I was a walkin customer after viewing a few other 5-600 baht rooms around LK Metro that were not so clean and were very dingy and full of mosquitos.

This hotel has been refurbished, but the bathrooms are still very small (no big deal for me). The room layout is a bit weird with plug sockets in awkward locations.

My room was spacious, clean and the TV worked fine. The bed and sheets were very comfortable. There were a few other guests staying on my floor but I heard next to no noise from the other rooms. WIFI works in the room and I was able to view YouTube vids at 720p.

This hotel is guest friendly too which is a plus. There was no breakfast included but many inexpensive bars and restaurants are nearby on Soi Buakhao.

A friend had recommended me this hotel for 850 baht a night but on arrival the staff insisted the price had changed to 990. When I booked an extra couple of nights they tried to change the price again to 1100 baht but I managed to get the room for 990 again after some negotiating. The reception staff are ok but the girl who never shuts up is annoying (you’ll know her when you see her).

I also met a guy in the lift who was paying 13,000 a month staying long term.

Online you can book the rooms from 795 baht a night depending on the time of year which represents very good value. The location is pretty good and you can walk to LK Metro and Second road easily.

There is a small and oddly shaped swimming pool that I never used. If you are into lazing around by the pool in the daytime then there are probably better hotels nearby.

This hotel is guest friendly so there is no charge to take back a girl for the night. Your guest will have to leave her ID at the reception as per standard practice in Pattaya.

Remember to view the website for more details.


Trường Tâm says:

thanks , verygood

Richard Lionheart says:

I stayed at R-Con two years ago, only 2 issues 1.the swimming pool was too small and 2. A very rude lady on hotel reception, i asked to use one of the PC situated in the lobby for customer use. I printed off a hotel voucher without telling her in advance, and she went berserk and shouted loudly at me cos it was her personal paper in the printer…well will never stay at this hotel again.End of story.

personalbjw says:

the hotel name is rcon@siam just off soi buakhao

personalbjw says:

ive stopped here ,3 times ,much better than sutus court, and nature view.dont hesatate book good location i have been coming to pattaya since 1987 stopped all over this hotel is good

robert downs says:

I booked this Hotel based on Bangkok112 recommendation. I was in Pattaya Nov 2016. I can say without hesitation this Hotel is a total shithole. The front desk staff couldn't give 2 fucks about you, the room stunk and was obvious the bedsheets hadn't been changed from the previous customer. They have 1 elevator that takes forever to get you up and down. And I thought the location sucked. Not trying to shit on Bamgkok112,  but giving you an honest report.

personalbjw says:

stopped at this hotel great value for money spot on

asjka67 says:

Now the same room is 50.- U$ for night….in April, this is not the higt season.
This price is in the hotel web site.

CVSoprano says:

Is this on the chicane of Soi Buakhao, or is that another R-Con property?

Dan says:

1800+ baht for march per night 🙁 🙁

WeArePennState76 says:

Booked via your Agoda link for 14 days in Oct – Nov. Looking forward to the stay. Thanks a lot for the preview!

Ali Alawy says:

thanks mate for all the great infos keep on the good work …

Bossix84 says:

Thanks for the video. Wish you can do more of this kind of videos. Thanks !

MKR nallavan says:

nice hotel..what is the name of hotel..please

Old Fox says:

i need to know morw about hotels in bkk ot patt

Farshid Faridi says:

Great hotel.what is this name??? thanks.

Chris Edge says:

Hi I am actually booked in for 4 nights here in mid-September – can you advise how to get to the hotel from Soi Buakhao? Seems like it's off a side-street?


Risky Setiawan says:

+Bangkok 112 would you review hotel in bangkok city that price under $20, please.

Kennie MusicLovers says:

Ladies charge per nite = ?

mike hunt says:

Like you vids mate.Very clear.You must be hansum man?.As I was a walk in too.I checked the room out.It was good(its new)I like checkin out dif hotels/GH.I like to sit by the pool in daytime.IMO Nature view hotel(soi Boukao) is best VFM(850-1050).

mike hunt says:

I don't know where you found it at 990b?.When I looked(Nov) it was 1200b.And did you see the size of the pool?My bath is bigger than that.

KHOKHA4U says:

Can the Resident Person Bring Girls to stay with him for a night in this hotel ? Are All Hotels in Pattaya Friendly with bringing Girls into the rooms ??

PIUR says:

What's the first music ?
Tried to Shazam it with no result…
(by the way : Liam Neeson voice I don't know who you are, but if you answer "Darude – Sandstorm", I'll find you and I'll kill you ^_^ )

Johnston Pettigrew says:

may I suggest this music for your video;    

Duke Harrison says:

i stayed at the bj holiday lodge on soi3, nice and clean, friendly staff and decent grub. well worth a look

Duke Harrison says:

nice hotel for very little money really. in england a hotel like that would be £80+ a night!! nice place to stay pattaya but far too many russians for my likeing.

planesrift says:

good lord this looks great

robert h says:

i don't understand how the amenities list is used. Are you charged if you request these items ? do you get to keep them ?

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