PATTAYA: Hotel Booking + Nightlife Tips!

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Gareth Matthewson says:

Never go for girls on beach road if you want to a rough one
I never book a room before I go never have a problem getting a good hotel a cab to Bangkok for 1000 bhat only takes hour and a half but if you want to sit on a bus for 3 hours up to you

Lucky Star says:

Which subscription do you have on thaifriendly?

avinash awasthi says:

sir I mailed you please check… thanku

avinash awasthi says:

hello bro..namaste(greetings from India) I have a big doubt and I am really confused Can you please suggest me where to stay in pattaya is it central, south or north nd where I could get good hotels with a budget of 500 bht to 1000 nd plus convenient nd near for walking Street and soi7 and 8 nd plus not too much loudy please help me out sir…it will great 🙂

Rizwan Mahmood says:

Dude, what a legend you are. Your video is informative AF, I am planning to go to pattaya soon and I know everything now 😀 Thank you veryyy much!!

chandra kumar says:

king am going to bangkok on 15th june kindly advice regarding the hotels to stay and the best pace to see there.becoz this is my first time.

I ShogunRonin says:

amazing vid.

Maynardj says:

What is a quicker way to get to Pattaya?

Mark Alexander says:

never been there, but your vids are very informative  in case I do go….Thanks. — M.S.A.

Daniel K. says:

Riding the bus sounds like it takes longer. I usually just go to the arrival's when I get to the airport. There are lots of taxi's there, and the trip only costs 1000 bah + he drives you all the way to the hotel

H Max says:

Thanks for the info. Good video. I thought "That Intersection" was North Pattaya Road bus station. I am interested in finding the bhat bus routes, I am looking for places to stay that are close to the routes. Don't care about long walks to get to a place. Have you rented condo? Was the place you stayed guess friendly?

HjerneStimulanz says:

can you make a video list about all the "holidays" in thailand,where ist illegal for the discos to be open, so one can avoid being in a nightclub with the risk of a police raid

Sam says:

quick question as a first time visit to thailand should someone go to bangkok or pattaya? say u have a limited time and u just want to stay at 1 location, also which has prettier girls bangkok o pattaya?

Mathieu Tallard says:

I don`t know why you give yourself so much trouble to make videos with so many usefull info. But thank you. it would be nice to have something like this for every country.
How would be things for some one who doesn`t like strong tourist areas but who prefer more remote and quiet places……still nearby the sea. That person would have to look very very hard to find some fun?
What about the action on islands?
Is Cambodia can be fun too and much cheaper?
What about Philippines?
What about Malaysia? And Vietnam?

Brummie Brink says:

dynasty inn is in soi 13

Brummie Brink says:

king epic very good video. thanks i stayed the last times in dynasty inn hotel. good hotel, nice rooms and girls has to give their id to reception and they always call in the morning when the girl is leaving. very good. how is the pandia house?

MythoVirus says:

Although irrelevant to this video.. But it seems you know your shit all-right … can you recommend a trip to Europe ( Main objective sex tourism), I was considering Amsterdam Red light district, but it seems not that much of my style, the way it works…

Let me explain my agenda so maybe you can give me some tips

1.) I only would like to take Caucasian girls (Although i love and respect all races)
2.) I hate condoms, ergo i only pursues girls that accept Condom-less blowjob ( no vaginal nor anal is what i look for due to the risks)
3.) I prefer girls within the prices of 300$ US Dollars for a long stay ( at least like 4 hours for that price)
4.) Safe place
5.) Girls are easy to find throughout the day not only at midnight till early morning
6.) Preferable the place has a big cluster of girls

I'm torn apart between Netherlands, Germany, or Greece
Although you can name any other place
Any input is highly welcomed mate

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