Pattaya Hotel – Around $40 [very quiet at night]

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Pattaya Hotel – Around $40 [very quiet at night]

If you are thinking of booking this or another Pattaya hotel in the $20-40 range, make sure to read this website post for more information including essential booking tips:

Pattaya’s Best Hotels – $20-40 a night

LK Royal Wing Hotel just off Soi Buakhao is a solid place to stay when in Pattaya. The place is clean, rooms are good value and spacious, it’s guest friendly, and everything is in working order.

When I stayed the WIFI in the rooms was fast and I could watch YouTube at 720p. The rooftop swimming pool was good as you can see from the video.

The location on Soi Buakhao was good and a short walk/baht bus ride get you anywhere central fast. There are also many inexpensive bars and restaurants close by.

It’s a short baht bus ride to LK Metro, Soi 6, 7, 8 and Walking Street. Moto taxis are around 40 baht to go anywhere close by.

No place is ever perfect and me being a perfectionist I found a few shortcomings:

– slightly dated hotel was a little rough around the edges
– due to the large size the aircon took a few minutes to cool the room
– to sit on the balcony you have to turn off the aircon
– shower not all that user friendly
– no 7-Eleven on the doorstep

Overall though none of the shortcomings were deal breakers and I enjoyed my stay at this hotel. I’d recommended LK Royal Wing Hotel for solo travellers who like large rooms and quiet hotels at night.

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Parts of this video:

0:00 Outside the hotel and lift
0:18 Pool View room, 1000 baht
1:47 Swimming pool
2:49 Bathroom
3:38 Hotel views
4:30 Room prices
4:35 Location on the Pattaya Map (D Apartment also listed)

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Sodapop Curtis says:

just so you know, Bangkoc12 is using your video as his/her own

Jamie's Ecstasy says:

Can you suggest a bathtub budget hotel in pattaya

Carl Eveson says:

took your recommendations when there at the beginning of October, Blue Sky Soi 5 and D hotel soi Buakhao , absolute Value for money, both excellent. Made a slight Boo Boo though went to the LK Mansion an was far from impressed but again it was cheap so cant moan realy ,, Following your every review my friend, greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work.

francis kocher says:

Bonjour Bangkok 112..Nice and informative vlog..I will check this hotel for sure but i prefer to stay in Jomtien..Have a nice day.

system09 WB says:

You do a great job with these vlogs. Much appreciated and I know they will help a lot of people get good rooms, thanks

jordan soulos says:

can you do a review on LK the empress and ktk suites please

zandax1 says:

I have been in Bangkok now for six days. When I go into these gogo bars I get hounded by everyone working there to buy them drinks. Three times now I have had to spend like 5000 to 7000 baht on drinks at so I cowboy. I am black from America not sure if that means anything but last night I did notice a Caucasian European man come in and no one ask him for anything

John Roberts says:

hi 112,
That's what I wanted to ask how do you come off with that major lazer track,(copyright )

Brummie Brink says:

great video bangkok 112. looks very nice the hotel.

mrpug4203 says:

Ummm, I've stayed in more hotels / motels in my life than I care to admit. I know for sure that a "good night sleep" has much less to do with the hotel being located "at the end of a cul-de-sac" than it does with who is occupying the room next to yours. Maybe the author was lucky during his stay and had either quiet neighbors or vacant rooms adjacent to his room. Otherwise, a very nice review, thanks!

Liem Huynh says:

if you get a chance, check out the Centric Sea condos on 2nd Road close to Central Pattaya Road. it's a short walk from April Suites. lots of great reviews since it open. we will be staying there early July 2017. our rate was through for $38 a night with extra bed for $22.

Steven Barton says:

Just seen a ghosts reflection in the head board . Poltergiest is on tour

John Roberts says:

get those £ signs up 112, show a bit of compatriotism lol.

Thomas Byatt says:

Great hotel. Great location with a few sexy cleaners too 👍👍👍

omshusband says:

strange question for this video but what sort of (male) age range go to ibar and insomnia, wondering if i'll look out of place? 10 days to go!

HallivanGalli ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

Are the matresses guest-friendly ?

shaun smith says:

cheap Charlie's cannot afford accommodation like this! I must be doing something wrong I'm going to give up my career and become a qualified EXPAT ( Is there a market for plumbing and heating engineers in Bangkok)!! 😂😂😂

Stefan87 says:

Next year, i want to be at this hotel

John micancy says:

Boom boom free with hotel ?

Achyut Shukla says:

The Hanger part was missing … Btw Nice Video

Stephen Watson says:

Not bad at all apart from the shower . Think high season prices might push it out of your top recommendations . Got to laugh a little when you cite the location for a good nights sleep , it's a factor , but you don't return early and are not averse to a drink , though may be useful for tee-total early to bed people .

Rimon Abed says:

Clean hotel

sometimes hungry says:

what is the hotel name?

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