Pattaya hotel – Amazing cheap place with girls

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Hotel prices and booking

Nice cheap hotel in the heart of Pattaya nightlife – Soi LK Metro. New and modern rooms is located above aGogo bar Crystal.
The quality of the rooms surprised me. Best value for money: starts from 18$.

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Pattaya Random says:

Room tipe on this video: Deluxe Room A. Book in advance and use the link for best price

Kamran Ali says:

It's so nice of you , Love you man.

J Thom says:

good tunes!


Thank you very much Hotel Advised👅💋🤗👙💃💑i B there December 2017🐢🐢🐢🐍🐍🐍ສາວສາວສາວຫີຫີຫີໆ


Looks like LadyBoy😹🤗💃👙🏃walking in front you!!! LOLZZZHEEEEHEE

The crazy Divyansh says:

i like it😍😍😍😍😍

RonPaulTheGreatestPresidentTheUSNeverHad says:

4:30 Get some blacklight and light that couch up

NosferatuWST says:

I assume they charge no Joiner Fee?

Ravi Joshi says:

Can you please give me address or any contact about this hotel..??

Pat Dwyer says:

Looks great….What is the chance getting out of there alive ? Safety wise all around.. this City,etc.

SpursandFlames says:

is the hotel guest friendly???

Pattaya newbie says:

Great video and the price doesnt change much in season it seems

Eduard Montana says:


MKR nallavan says:

looks like dirty hotel

Alien SwinG says:

nice! for me for pattaya thank's a lot…

zamir ansari says:

how much this room charge for one week and girls charge per night

mr binazzou says:

Can i get girl out this club and stay with me in this hotel ???

Andrew Holland says:

who surprising good room

mr binazzou says:

?can you give us names for hotels in walking street same idea with club and Same value

shayan009ful says:

whats the cheapest u negociate on rooms for 16 nights in central pattaya not far from hustle and bustle and gogo bars reply me plz im travelling in september thankssssss

ChinaAl says:

So according to the title this room comes with girls? Wow! I'm on the next flight.

Rik Z says:

Great place to stay !!! couldn't care for the noise and i myslef make lots of noise ha ha ha !!!!! whenever i go to Pattaya is to unwind, have a super time with lots of chicks and forget about everything !!! thanks for this tip, will try this next time i go there.

DiggTV says:

how much the girls cost there?

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