Pattaya Hotel – $20/Night Or $300/Month… Chicha Restaurant/Hotel

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I found this very nice hotel in Pattaya, Thailand, located on Buddha Hill, also known as Pratamnak Hill. This place is just a 10 minute walk to the beach access. I think this is one of the better deals I have come across given the great location, generous amenities (wifi, cable tv, safety box, etc). This place is located on top of a Mexican restaurant and appears to be run by a Mexican family who were very polite in showing me around. They rent both nightly and monthly.


Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

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Maharshi Rajodiya says:

Charlie what things r included?

CheapoCaveman charlie says:

i think charlie only single farang in thailand

Callum Thomson says:

Cc I am in Pattaya now what shop is that woman at the really friendly one who talks issan at the end

Stuart Murray says:

Sweet room ..A map of it would be good ..??

Jose Gutierrez says:

Anybody ever see Charlie? 🕵️‍♂️😂

Jose Gutierrez says:

Why does Charlie speak broken english to every person he runs into? 😂

Richard Hankin says:

First thanks for the videos . However, when you speak in that way to Thais, that's damn insulting. Speak as you normally would. . Also, MAMA San is vERY insulting . It's based on bastardized English Japanese. perhaps you are unfamiliar with WW2 history, Japan occupied Thailand. Not s happy marriage, WE as guests, have a certain obligation to our hosts. For you it only requires modest change of habit. respect is important. Now that you are armed with knowledge , I am sure you will act accordingly.

yasir arafat says:

Nice video charlie sir

But can these cheap hotel are having service to book on internet….or they have their personal hotel code…

Nick Lopes says:

Awesome CC. Nicely done. Thank you for the info.

Video Freedom says:

the triple down, you got that question mexican food question answered.

good exercise too. good price monthly!

Ontario Andrews says:

You so badly wanted her to show you the room. Too bad. 🙁

castortroy365 says:

CC don’t take this the wrong way, but you gotta try and finish your conversations…..8:50 “ok, have a nice………heh heh” just engage with people more, and don’t walk off when it looks like a conversation is on the cards.

Frank Roger Buaroy says:

Looks nice,Charlie.

gas1958ify says:

Nice one Charlie,room's looked great for that price,and a nice balcony too,for chilling out and people watching,but do not think i would like to stay above a restaurant ,but still a good deal for those who would not mind that.

James W says:

Good stuff, not a bad price and on top a mexican restaurant too, the lady server was pretty too. 👍

AlanT says:

over 6000 view and I bet 3600 of it review since they were looking for the scene where the girl has no underwear, loool

Big Mark says:

Do these places with out a elevator have rooms on first or second floor ? Do they cost more or our they hard to get ?

Adam Mortimer says:

Can u do review on Robins next soi Diana

Chris Holland says:

under 20 bucks. not bad.

Pique Dard says:

hi CC,
yeah nice and clean but one can hear you breathing heavily :)…getting to the 4th floor in the absence of a lift is obviously breathtaking!

Pattaya Shore says:

Greets from the shore

bz10sec says:

Is there extra charge to bring a bar girl to room ?

TLO1357 Bardon says:

Another Good Vid Triple C, Good to know all this places. it`ll come in Handy one Day. Thanks, and keep up the Good Work.

userwl2850 says:

Nice girl… She's a keeper…. you should marry her. 😂 thought I'd get that in before some nutcase does. So back in pattaya now? 👍

ras124 says:

Charlie out of shape…

Big Rex J says:

Good vid Charlie. Keep em coming!

Al Figgures says:

Good video ccc. Keep em coming.

Paul Mulvey says:

Nice video charlie love the hotel reviews , great rooms for the price look's an nice place to stay . And the girl was a beauty I wonder if she was on the menu! Why did she not show the room's ? The guy had to waste it ha ha!! . ("Loved the video once again ") good job charlie.

Jörgen Månsson says:

Good vid Charlie..

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