Pattaya Hotel $15 500 Baht Cheers Bar and Hotel

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$15 a night £11 or 500 Baht. Cheers Bar and Hotel. Great location. Very friendly, hospitable owner. Highly recommended.


carrtex says:

Is there a name

Paul Mulvey says:

Love these hotel videos. And gorgeous girl as well !

Philippines/Oz Fun With JLB says:

Do those rooms come with the chick who showed you guys around……

180goldenboy says:

Looked a nice place mate. Liked the look of the penthouse. Only downside would be no swimming pool. Did they get the Wi-Fi sorted for you?

martin astbury says:

great vlog great information thanks

Jonny Smith says:

That's a little gem .great video

ScotchandDry says:

That penthouse looks damn nice. I like the full kitchen too as I like to cook myself occasionally. Awesome. It has the LK fittings on the outside balcony. I thought those were only used in LK metro and the LK hotels themselves..

Leo leo says:

Seems good value, and receptionist is cute but not as cute as the lady 😜

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