Pattaya Hotel $13 Per Night – Cocco Resort

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This is a pretty nice hotel on Soi 15 off of Thappraya Road that cost me about $13 per night on Agoda. The location can be a little tricky to find and that is why I think it was a good value but you are not too far from central Pattaya.

Here is my affiliate link to the hotel for the lowest price:



That's cheap

Imran Pirvani says:

Is this resort guest friendly? What if we take a bar girl or freelance girl?

Garry Welsh says:

Hi Charlie I've watched some of your Vids Great Job by the way m8 I'm going to Thailand next September for 1 Month I've been getting Crazy prices here in Scotland to Book a hotel is it better just to get a Flight and find a hotel when I arrive 1st time going to Thailand

Bruce Kelly says:

To far away from everything rather pay extra and get to bars and action in few minutes walk especially when drunk

Mathieu Tallard says:

Can one be naked in the pools of those hotels?

vaibhav kamboj says:

Hello charlie
I watched all ypur videos ..excillent work..i liked all your videos…i m going pattaya soon for one week can you please suggest me budget hotel ..i like d aprtment and this coco resort ..which one is more better and friendly staff..and also both hotels are guest friendly .i meam can i bring lady?


The hotel is fine, my room had some moisture problems, but not that i couldent stay, nice pool, food and drink was a bit prizy , my opinion. but the room was ok, nice location no nightlife, but not far. i paid 700 bath a night for the bottom room at the pool.

bigeric12325 says:

I am from northern USA, say I wanted to come and stay for a month or two over the winter say Feb- March, will I get a discount or will they still charge daily fee no matter how long I stay. I like this place nice pool balcony.

acajudi100 says:

I am retired, so I would be rich in Thailand.Q

acajudi100 says:

I am retired, so I would be rich in Thailand.

Gamer says:

everything is about free pussy, cheap carls I can not offend you though it's a bit frustrating try something a little more original you are ok man

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