Pattaya Hotel $12/Night Scandalic Guesthouse With Girls on Soi 9

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This hotel in Pattaya is located on Soi 9, just a small place with 10 rooms or so. It is called Scandalic named by the Swedish owner and there is also a small bar with a pool table downstairs and they can cook up hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill. Some of the rooms are 400 baht or about $12 (rooms with no windows) and other rooms are $15 or 500 baht.

The staff is very friendly, the one is the cashier who showed me the room.

The hotel has AC, wifi and cable TV.

The hotel sits in the middle of Pattaya on Soi 9 also known as Soi Skaw Beach named after an old hotel called Skaw Hotel that has been here for a long time. It is just a 10 minute walk from Beach Road and a 5 minute walk to Central Shopping Mall. Also you can walk to Soi Buakhow in 5 minutes so it is a very central location.

This place is just across the street from the Owl Hostel I reviewed in another video.


Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

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Flatliner Ink says:

Been watching your videos and just subscribed, wish I was watching before my recent trip to backpacking trip through Thailand where I vlogged the entire journey. I really had no plan on going to Pattaya and landed there accidentally, but was very impressed with such a diverse city. I will definitely be back and make my stay longer next time. thanks for the videos.

Matthew OBrien says:

Let me just check the biggest book in the world..

Rebecca Seppanen says:

The guy that does these is a bit too creepy😬

Gulabsingh Panwar says:

Wht is name hotal nd one night full girl for fuck

robert chandler says:

please get a question list and template -end video with short list on screen,price,a/c,girls guests,food , i can't imagine taking a computer when my holiday is gonna be pussy and booze 24/7.

Paul Simpson says:

How old are you?

Mason 1 says:

Its about the money
Americans are rich to the wome there. Its all it takes.

Kenneth Purdy says:

No AC at 400 b right? 500 b? Am I wrong thinking ac at 550+?

Alexandre Clement says:

hehehehee…. I ll be back….

clockyro says:

chick is hot. I would have banged the shit out of her.

eric thefathead says:

what does "kappemkrap" mean?? LOL

oth 2014 says:

I would like to have a good time with a girl having super long hair
Where can I find one?!

Phil Tess says:

I like how they put the TV on top of a mini fridge. Practical.

Desert Eagle says:

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knuckle sammich says:

So alot of older white men go over there to hook up with Thai women huh?

Pana Sonic says:

I'm sure he shagged her.

Shannon blak says:

Have you considered making a video of the surrounding areas . maybe away frim the city?

Occupy Edge says:

Dude you are such a creep, work on your social skills dont hide from your troubles by visiting a country that bases itself around loser virgin white people

eric thefathead says:

chick in the blue shirt plays with her hair a lot, charlie, she wants the big one.

DPRK song, movie, moranbong band, ski tour, trip says:

Why do you always come across as a bit seedy? U have been in pattaya long enough " no money no honey"

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