Pattaya Hotel $11 Per Night — Incredible Value

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Here is another hotel I booked on Agoda for $11 per night. It is part of the Mosaik group of buildings that is located behind Tukcom. Now I will be moving into an $120 per month apartment, part of my living in Thailand for $400 per month series starting soon.


Sunny Bale says:

I like your videos…
and also we are expecting prices on foods if stay 1 week.

OsamabinBurka says:

wtf is dollar? the most shit currency in the world!!! in thailand we pay Baht!!! you not able to tell the Baht price?

Bossman says:

the roaches are actually a plus because it's more protein

Luis Figueroa says:

@ cheapcharlie the only thing I’m worried about traveling to asia is getting a haircut. I’m Puerto Rican and my hair is different so I don’t think they know how to do it.

edugio says:

Please name of the hotel and address.
Best regards.

Gill Lawson says:

Have had some issues with Arabs and drunk Russians in Pattaya

Mickola says:

Go 7/11 and buy a green Baygon aerosol and spray the surfaces and your roach problem will be history.

Janak Patel says:

Pls send location my friend

Bagpackers says:

This is also guest friendly hotel..i mean can bring lady in hotel??

gopal samy says:

by the way name of the hotal?

gopal samy says:

hi Charlie can you do it for,AT SEA RESISTANCE hotal near walking Street Pattaya.

Peter Varani says:

Hey C.C love the videos! Let us know if you have a PayPal account? See if we can help u out. What is the name of the hotel? Is there any other hotels with a big fridge and a bunner to cook. Let me know and thanks in advance

acajudi100 says:

Thank you for your excellent channel.

Bdr Ot45 says:

wi u sa moslam tarest

Peps. K says:

I need 2 room in the high seson in januar. Can you tell me some nice guest hous or hotel for 700 or 800.baht per day If you.can.tell me.big thanks.

James says:

Wow cheap and best

j s says:

show us your 100$ a month room and how can i get one??

Umer Rehman says:

Good video ple Hotel name

Stellar P. says:

Do you tip servers in Thailand? I just heard you don't tip in Thailand.

Erik Thompson says:

Just what I was looking for….Need to still figure out where we'll be staying, so I really appreciate this video. Thx!!!

Scott Adkins 1988 says:

this is beautiful rom and very cheap too it would be great to spend some time with that thai girl i know who live in thailand in this rom.

Bahdini Kurd says:

this is beautiful rom how much does it cost for a month, i know a girl from thailand she want me to go there but i dont know anyone there and i have never been there before and i dont know where to stay if i go there and when im there, anyway i have girlfriend here in scandinavia and i have my apartment my car and my job here so im not sure if i will go to thailand. by the way Kurdish foods are best in the world i really miss eating dulma kebab teka teshrib qozi and pacha they are very testy foods.

Andy Finbar says:

if my Mrs seen the roaches on the floor she'd of thought breakfast had been delivered..

kupshi k says:

I've stayed at Mosaik before, it is a decent place.

Dan Kealey says:

also what is the name of this hotel , again not sure why you didn't mention it your video

ricuman says:

4 star hotel room? give me a break

El dee says:

i hope your negotiating at least a free room based on the business you will be bringing the hotel

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