Pattaya Grand Hotel – amazing location & view

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Book in advance, Best prices and more info here

Nice hotel in the heart of Pattaya – Walking Street.
This hotel is guest friendly (no extra charge for girls)

Starts from 30$ (rooms on 1st floor). I payed $50 for my room (deluxe type on Agoda, all rooms on 9th floor). I recommend this types with amazing sea view. All rooms included buffet breakfest for 2 persons (7:30-11:30)

Hotel is not new but rooms are well maintained and clean.
Better book in advance, hotel quite busy especially on high season

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Pattaya Random says:

Best prices and more info here

eslurf says:

Ive stayed there twice. good hotel. Guest friendly. 😉
But yeah, staff are a bit rude.

NHEFF09 says:

looks a bit worn out

john lee h says:

Wow.. un bordello a cielo aperto. !

Matthew OBrien says:

is there a dude in the corner of the room playing the keyboards?

John Wayne says:

You can get really nice rooms for around $30 in Pattaya, don't need to go to the name brand hotels to get a clean room. This one looks to be near the end of the beach strip. Laundry can be done at a local mom and pop and they are very reasonable, if you get the hotel to take the laundry they will charge you and arm and a leg.
In Bangkok it's a different story you really have to look hard for a mom and pop, very expensive to get your laundry done.

Rasool Mathole says:

Which is good month to visit or tour to Thailand and which u tour n taken this video… Reply will thankful

Kanna Thasan says:

What was the main religion in phillippines befoore christianity

Sonny Ink. says:

I always stays there at #903 for month in January.Beat view ever and affordable. I would never change stay ever…thanks Grand hotel

S Bain says:

Balcony looked ok, room dated, but no swimming pool!!! At $50 you've paid too much for this place even though it is well located…

keithlamontbraggs says:

Grand Hotel is a popular hotel because it's close to Walking Street.  I personally like hotels down Beach Road between Soi 1 and 5 where it's quiet and I can get a beautiful view of the bay from my balcony. Walking Street is always close to you when you have a baht bus that passes every minute or so for 10 baht to get to Walking Street.

William Gonzalez says:

what a dump

Hulk Hulk says:

camera shaking to much

Lower Tones says:

1:31 I think BECAUSE she is over 30 she looks lovely
There, fixed it for you
Thanks for the upload

San Ace says:

9:45 Let's the shoot begin…

ricuman says:

If only that bed could talk…

Rick Allen says:

I think it would really be annoying with that crappy music playing in my room all the time.

Christopher Poulton says:

All you have to do in thailand is have a pulse 50 60 70 who gives a fuck the thai 🐦 dont thats for sure only dollar matters so all you pensioners out there ducking good luck

Douglas R says:

Are there ghit stains on the bed or floors?

ChinaAl says:

Another one that can't hold a camera steady.

Noel Mitchell says:

do they let you take girl there?

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