PATTAYA- for newbies-2017- the best places

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nightlife around and daytime scenes


zenzi Milla says:

Everywhere old sacks of spoiled young chickens what has become of the once proud Thais all just run after the big money and forget their dears

Rokke VM says:

this for newbees,are you a oldbee,i dont think so

steven wilcoxen says:

Good quality video all around. Makes me wanna get back over there soon!

Muhamad Zidan says:


Akash Gange says:

Are lady boys she makes or stud he male,top /bottom?

dartagnan eldiablo luc says:

one thing i dont understand What s the fucking problem with meeting ladyboys ??? Assume ur sxuality men

dartagnan eldiablo luc says:

all of these girls are so hot and sexy i would get Craaaazy you know seing so many beauties

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