Pattaya, Dirty Weekend in a 5-Star Hotel – VLOG 39

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Pattaya, a Dirty Weekend in a 5-Star Hotel – Bangkok 112 VLOG 39

An old friend treated me to a weekend in a fancy Pattaya Hotel. We were mostly drinking in a big group so it was almost impossible to get any usable footage, but I still managed to get enough for a weekend VLOG.

The 5-Star hotel was the Royal Cliff Beach Hotel.

This weekend was when I finalised the 10 best bars in Pattaya ( as being in a big group was a totally different experience to going in 1s and 2s. The Iron Club was by far the best of the gogos on this weekend.

Also, if you are a regular watcher of this channel you would know that staying in fancy hotels is not my style (I still get the 115 baht Bangkok to Pattaya bus!). I would rather save the hotel money and spend it on the night out.

The Soi 6 drive by was at around 2pm in the afternoon. I had no warning beforehand the driver was going to take that route so missed a few bars at the start. He must have fancied a perv at the girls, I counted 85 of them on the front of the bars 🙂

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1st song
Muse – Starlight (SIRsir 5am Remix)

2nd and 4th song
edapollo – Always

3rd song:
Y&V – Lune [NCS Release]
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Mark Davis says:

Just my opinion, but the feet massage girls are far more attractive and interesting than the bimbos on the street

Roy Murray says:

Does any know the track? Sounds nice

Ron Horn says:

Nice job, I lived in Pattaya for two years and most videos are made by babbling morons that don’t know shit. You don’t say a word but show everything very well, thanks.

ulrich micheel says:

Thank you for a lot of video-clips of Thailand in the last months and years – yours are one of the best at YouTube.

Srikanta Mallick says:

Best video to fuck in pataya

cfov says:

Thank you for all of your videos. I will probably never make it to Thailand so I like the videos that put me there for a few minutes.


Free Yum Yum

TrueStryBr0 says:

I wasnt too impressed with the Royal Cliff Resort. Its like a hundred miles from civilization.

kpb96m1 says:

I stayed at the Royal Cliff Beach Hotel back in 1991. I was in the American Navy. We had just completed a tour in the Gulf War and were heading back to Japan. I often wonder what it looked like today. Thank you for filming it 🙂

Dirty Diego says:

should of shown what girls you took back to that 5 star hotel, hopefully 5 star girls….

Jay Kay says:

Mate please tell me exactly where that 115 baht Bangkok to pattaya goes from and at what times. Thanks buddy's

Byron Pepitone says:

what are the door men checking for as you enter the clubs?

Lou Silvestro says:

makes me feel iam there, used to go twice a year, havn't been back for nine years,but your show does the trick, very good filming nice and steady keep it up Bangkok 12.

James Walsh says:

Just a tip: the Soi 6 drive-by should have been done in slow motion. Too much blurriness.

Glenn Arthur says:

Excellent filming. Well done.

andrei andruhov says:

thanks for all videos

SwanInnSongkran says:

Cheers B112!

cewfewf sdfdfdsf says:

хуя ты весельчак ебать

7A says:

ibar=i'm seeing 1 girl and 30 drunk doods.

Fado0odi says:

what is the name of th song in the beginning?

bennocelt says:

cool video, nice 1

DoubleEszpresszo says:

at 6:36 is that a dude pushing a stroller and a woman with a little girl following behind? I wouldn't take my own son anywhere near there til he is well into his teens.

steven elton says:

Best videos of Pattaya by far, the quality of the camerawork and editing and music are superb, makes you feel like you are there, well done!

Nic Bing says:

That music sucks.

Johno F says:

The hotel appears spectacular. How much is taxi fare to Walking street? I'm with you as far as expensive hotel rooms – there's much better ways to spend your money there.
Thanks for the video.

Black_Drag says:

From 6:43 – Tiger bar. Cute place with nice view. Enjoyed it many times.

pol yansky says:

thank you Bangkok112 lol…n1…great vdo )) .. oh billabong ))

manos3790 says:

oh, how I miss Pattaya and bangkok also. Along with The Philippine's Angeles City and Cambodia's Sihanoukville……I believe the latter will progressively take over in the popularity stakes, there's French influence in the architecture, food and service. It's also has a far more relaxed attitude, better beaches than Pattaya and the beaches are close to hawker free in comparison with Pattaya…..bliss.

Liam Prychocki says:

Loving life love Pattaya.

rasherstx says:

just back a few weeks from there and you are bringing back some great memories of my favourite city 112.ohh how i miss it,some really cool camera work there,looks so much quieter now.thanks for sharing

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