Pattaya – Come to Me

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Pattaya Nightlife – Come to Me (Beach Road & Walking Street) – Vlog 200 Special

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A video showing a night out in Pattaya, Thailand. On this night I made my way along Beach Road, and then to Walking Street around 9pm. Due to Bliss bar having a naughty nurse party on it was impossible to get any more footage for the rest of the evening…

As it’s Vlog 200 I’ve decided to change things up a bit and use 2 of my personal favourite songs used in previous Bangkok 112 videos…

Parts of this video include:

0:04 Beach Road montage
2:21 Passing the Pattaya Beer Garden
3:05 Walking Street montage
9:37 Cheap Food at New York Diner
12:00 5 Indian guys trying to get in a bar
12:25 7-Eleven
13:26 Drunken walking by me before settling at the Bliss bar
14:58 Outro

NB: This video was shot in October of 2017, which is still considered the low season in Pattaya (High season is Nov – Apr, low season is May – Oct).

On this day I went along Beach Road and got some footage of the many freelancers that are there. The Tahitian Queen bar is the oldest gogo bar in Pattaya and is still good, it’s a very good afternoon spot too.

On Walking Street I did a long walkthrough on this night but am getting bored of making that type of video, so I put most of the footage into a montage.

I’m a total sucker for the Naughty Nurse parties so I was straight in the Bliss bar at 10pm and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the evening. I’ll leave it at that… 😉

Thank you for watching and subscribe for more videos.

1st song
Perturbator – Come To Me (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix)

2nd song
Lazerhawk – Arrival (Mitch Murder remix) (Mitch Murder)

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Tim Washington says:

Do they sell Slurpee in that 7/11? Slurpee are a frozen drink

Dee Man says:

Intro was awesome. Reminded me of blade runner.

detoured briefly says:

s o i l

Holden Deeznuts says:

7:06 Girl on the Left nice ass. Wish I could see the face better.

Danny Boyette says:

Beautiful people everywhere my god I'm living in the wrong place.

Eric Hitchmo says:

Some people go to Pattaya for the golf.
I go for the cheap beer and prostitutes.

Bobeeg says:

Another Perfect Job. 😎😎🤪

Bison News says:

I love the vids and the music Bangkok112, keep doing what you do and dont stop!!!

Edvin Barkhordarian says:

Amazing video, love the music.

BestCanKeanRob2 says:

7:38 i wonder if that pretty one in red dress gives a nice soapy massage?

Jorge Ramirez says:

7:58….that walk!

thaynamite says:

6:53 most impressive shot !! real art … hahaha cheers thaynamite :)))

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