Pattaya Budget Hotel with Swimming pool under 600 baht D-apartment soi Buakhao.

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Cheap Hotel Review from the D-apartment soi Buakhao Pattaya.
This is a budget hotel but also a serviced apartment.
But they also offer standard rooms for rent.
D Apartment is a fine serviced apartment hotel equipped with modern facilities, located in the heart of Pattaya. It is less than a 10 minute walk to Pattaya Beach. It is only a 5 minute walk to shopping at Central Pattaya Beach.
Also for long term stay they have
weekly rents and monthly rents
Keep in mind on agodo search for D1 apartment. not D
I stayed here myself for a week so i can highly recommend it.

Location + contact:
D apartment
348/17 M. 9 Soi Bukhao Banglamung Chonburi Thailand 20150 Tel. +66 (0) 38 411828

Book here D1 apartment on agodo:
I recommend this site because i use it myself.
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Steff's Thailand Travel says:

The 17 euro or 612 Baht was with songkran
In low season you pay only 12 euro or 450 baht. But then you have no view at all.
But you still have the swimming pool, and free coffee at the reception 🙂
location on google maps:,100.8874122,17.75z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x31029607db9b7ff7:0x217d6f019fa013ce!8m2!3d12.9340786!4d100.8884902

Ali Albanna says:

Thank you very much it was useful video

A Boskany says:

Hi Steff, was there a safelock in the room?

A Boskany says:

I like your videos, great job Steff, I just want to suggest not to move your head so rapidly as you are filming (on the bike), I understand it is necessary to look around for your safety while riding a bike, yet as you stop move slower if you can, thank you again.

Scott Parnell says:

Gami ? You speaking visayan to Thai people?

carlos molina says:

merci beauoup!

Callum Thomson says:

was the wifi in rooms any good steff

carlos molina says:

can yo u tell me the low season dates? gracias!
merci bien !

carlos molina says:

good vídeo.
you save my life.
blessings from México.

Farang Ualang says:

If you take a girl from another place…… have a big problem

marcey38 says:

Hi Steff, looking at the D appartment for my next trip. From your memory what is the sun like at the swimming pool ? Will you get sunshine till late in the afternoon ?

gk10002000 says:

i liked it because I could easily walk down to Second road and take a baht bus anywhere. Or walk over to Pattaya klang and go up and down that street.

gk10002000 says:

yes, same old lady. She answered to Kuhn bukao. seems a bit coincidental given that it is on Soi Bukao, but that's ok. He is showing the old wing. The new wing has more wood on the walls. But the old wing had the best mattresses

gk10002000 says:

i have stayed there over the years. First time before they added the new wing. I love the location. And they used to have foam mattress beds, not those hard like rock thai mattresses. The new wing had new air con units and if you get a room that looks out back over the parking lot there is no noise. The room is a bit small but the shower in the bath was real nice. Several trips I walked in and tried to book and they were full. In general I recommend it though. I always slept well there, probably the best I ever slept on my 14 trips to Thailand, so to me, that makes it worth it. TV was always decent. Staff was OK. Now that they have stopped baht busses from going down soi bukhao, getting around is a bit different

Lee Evans says:

I paid a grand a night dont know how your getting 600 or even 450 as mentioned.

Ashif Sayed says:

how i know its guest friendly hotel……………?

pravin Mande says:

you are not showing name of hotel . you show camera every where but not on the name of hotel .

Mark Griffin says:

Nice blog, great location & price and looks very clean. The pool is a good bonus

Paul Rodgers says:

Great video and review Steff -many thanks. I've booked here for Christmas this year so looks a great choice.

Stayed in the sister D Express further down the Soi in March which has a very similar set up rooms, reception and roof top pool wise and was suitably impressed; have D Hotel lined up for next trip in September too. Both are a bit pricier than 600 baht a night though – more like 1200.

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